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Monday, February 27, 2012

Train prayer....believing BIG & constantly thanking God!

Today.what a day! 
I’ve been on a little break from youmy friends.  On one hand I’m sorry because I really missed sharing my adventures and random (you know how random they are) thoughts with you and on the other hand I needed to sort some things out & actually get some REST. 

Life has been .uh.interesting.  Yeah, that’s a good word:)  

Saturday I took a road trip
to Dripping Springs --ok only about 30 minutes away but when you have 2 toddlers any solo trip turns into a “road trip”.  Cowgirls n Lace to be exact.  Fabric shopping for a client’s drapes.oooohh I love me some fabric!!!
A train goes by..my reminder.
The long, methodic sound of his low whistle brings me back to where I need to be.walking IN FAITH.  “Whatever do you mean?”
Let me take you back a bit.  You see, I’m believing God for something BIG!  Have been since May 2011.
A house.  A beautiful house.needing a LOT of work!
I came to  a decision to stop & say a prayer each time I heard the train.  A prayer of thanksgiving for my house.  The house God is supernaturally giving us.SOON!  I declare it in faith & will rejoice every day even before I see it with my own eyes.  It’s beautiful and a total miracle in the making.  I hope you’ll stick around with me until the entire story, including its whereabouts, is unveiled. 
My point, you ask!?  Do I ever have a point?  Most always!  
I encourage you to make a decision.establish a train prayer… so to speak.  Use something as a reminder to pray or thank God.  It could be each red light you have to sit through, each time you hear the church bells, even set a reminder alarm on your phone to remind yourself to thank God for what He has done & is doing in your life.  Be specific.   
What are you in need of? 
Are you willing to BELIEVE? 
STAND in faith? 
READ the word?

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