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Sunday, September 11, 2011

cares....finances, healing, peace...He wants YOUR cares!

Today I was reminded of one of Pastor’s recent messages which taught on “Cast your cares upon Him for He cares FOR you”  He does the caring FOR us so we can have peace & trust His direction & leading.  I say that to say I’ve done it!  I may have to do it again tomorrow BUT I’ve cast my cares on Him…today & even as they come up, because if we’re real with ourselves we’ll admit they arise.  

Some cares that most people have or have had in the past are:

Cares for direction-which choice do I make Lord, both will change my life? 
Cares for finances—how will I pay this bill? How will I get out of debt? How will I have that house? 
Cares for healing—a little boy I know is having surgery tomorrow & my prayers lift up the surgeons hands & minds that they work quickly & precisely with clear minds.  For that sweet boy that he be strong & receive his healing.  For the family that they be wrapped in God’s love & peace throughout the whole process. 
Cares for marriage restoration--nothing is impossible folks.  Even if you know someone on the brink of divorce....I repeat...NOTHING is impossible.  Pray for him/her.  Pray for divine direction. 

The way I look at it….us caring for “it” will not produce fruit.  His care, more accurately, His LOVE for us is so great He sent the greatest gift of all….His Son, Jesus, so we can have salvation & healing & prosperity & peace & joy unspeakable.  I love joy and I love to laugh so I want that gift….and all the others please!

On a bunny trail if I might:  If this were an article the thoughts would be more eloquently conveyed as well as concise but I’m not a columnist and I won’t mention the number of followers I have because I speak in faith that many people’s lives are changed by reading inspiring testimonies and encouraging stories.

The lateness of the hour (is that even proper English—Marc will be sure to tell me) tells me its time to head for bed.  Uploading the video of T playing in the back yard will have to wait until tomorrowJ  along with the random thought spreading on this page…for another day my friends! 

Ciao & God Bless you in all you do to honor Him & bless others. 

YOU are blessed to be a blessing to someone around you….do it now, no more waiting!

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