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Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Life Changing Iowa Adventures: Start Here

This one’s a bit deep....ya think you can handle it?  Here’s the heart probing question of the day:
Have you ever found yourself in a pile on the floor asking God to change you?  To forgive you?  To make something of your life so you won't be such a MESS?  

Last Tuesday I had this moment.  My boys were just down for a nap and every part of my being wanted to crawl into bed to crash!  The weekend before was terrible!  I was sick to my stomach, I missed T's soccer game and lay in bed all day Saturday.  With NO energy I muddled through the busiest Sunday we had had in months.   Monday I was lifeless!
I was at my end.

(I think maybe we have to come to the end of ourselves to run with our whole being into the arms of our loving Father, repent and surrender our entire world to Him because He cares for us.  I think 1 Peter 5:7 says it all for me right now)

Back to that afternoon: I want sleep!  Something, disgust I think, rose up in me.  I made my way to the living room, grabbed my Bible and even though not one ounce of me felt like it I dropped to my knees.   I cried out to Creator God:  “I can’t go on like this anymore: God I give you ALL of me...please use me for something great!”  

That afternoon on my living room floor something happened
I made a bold decision to follow Him  no matter where He took me or how crazy it looked to the folks around me....."change me Lord".  This took place a few days before my trip to my uncle’s wedding in Iowa.  

Moments passed.   I sluggishly made my way to my feet and knew I had to blog. While looking through my pictures trying to receive inspiration or direction (I had no clue what I was looking for) He told me exactly what to blog through one picture taken when I was a little girl...behold: 3 Summer Me’s.  He was preparing me for my trip to Iowa (scheduled for Friday), which I had thought nothing about in the midst of the MUCK.   

What a freeing blog post it turned out to be.  A blessing to my heart, to say the least.  The moment I stood up from the computer I felt all the heaviness supernaturally lift off me.  I felt light n joyful....miraculously ... instantly.   The following afternoon God was stirring me more and more filling me to overflowing with JOY and PEACE.  
I just so happened that Tuesday and Wednesday nights I only slept a few hours.  You can’t imagine my to do list, not even including packing, for this trip.   

Thursday comes along and we headed out as a family (squeeze in a few more moments together) to San Antonio.
Here’s the San Antonio road trip video
We had a lovely visit with Bamaw (mommy) and Big B (step-dad) that evening but it wasn’t enough for me....I needed to do something.  

9pm I started organizing the pantry!!!  Say what?  My mom left to drop something off and came back to the entire pantry emptied into the kitchen....then I asked her to clean it so I could reorganize.....oh boy! Can you believe it?  If you know me you can.  
We worked till after midnight cleaning up the mess I made but the pantry gleamed! 

Night #3:  ni-nite  1:30am....GET UP!  @ 5:14am 
instant coffee? 
No thank you....need the real stuff, I can wait.

Airport attendant interaction:
What flight am I on?  Oh, I don’t know.
Mom, what flight? 
Oh, boy.....this is just the beginning!  I’ve always traveled like this....just assumed everything always works out and someone will help meJ

The next 5 days of adventure is no less than miraculous with countless divine appointments and more laughter and tears than I thought possible in a year, much less than 5 days.

Here begins the remarkable transformation of my heart and ultimately MY LIFE, not to mention all the people God hand picked throughout each chapter.  Join me:

My Vision Retreat
by way of My Iowa Heritage

I’d love to drive you through my page-turning story, twisting and winding through the back roads and barns of corn country in the heart of the U.S.A.  

The perfectly positioned pictures and wacky off the cuff videos are sure to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the next ..... episodeJ

Patience is what you must have as this story unfolds before your eyes.  I don't even know how or where to start or how much to share....it'll be interesting. Oh, and if you're one of the ones who's lives has been affected by the power of God this week I'd love to hear about it in the comment section....coming from you its more fun:)  

Blessings and prosperity soaked with PEACE and JOY! 

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  1. Bring on the story telling! It sounds INCREDIBLE already! God is oh so WOW. ;)


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