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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oh boy....here we go!!!! on a healthy lifestyle shift

No time to chat & dress this up with frilly words, folks!  I'm on a mission!  Actually WE are on a mission.  Marc & I are seriously making some mental & physical changes for our bodies, our family and our future.  No, really!

Juicing starts
NOW...it starts today.  As I type this telling you what we're doing and how much you're gonna love following us minute to minute Marc chimes in (with a totally serious face) "should we go ahead and eat the red velvet ice cream cake in the freezer?"  I'm not even joking ... word for word that came out of his mouth.  I convinced him that wouldn't be necessary....it wasn't worth the calories.  

There's a time you know you're about to cross over the proverbial "line".  Now is my moment!  I'm gonna stop hiding my midsection ....I'm going to LOSE it!  Oh boy...what am I getting myself into?  Because if I share this with you then I have more accountability partners and more eyes prying into my healthy lifestyle shift.  Well it starts here & it starts now!

This is crazy part of all this....Thanksgiving is in 2 days!  We're about to take a trip to see my Aunt Sunday and let me just tell you.....there is NEVER any shortage of cookies, cakes, candied goodness,  or anything with sugar in it lying about.   Marc and I go nuts when we go there....stuffing our faces with 8-15 cookies a day, along with at least 2 pieces of pie, countless homemade candied goodness bites and pistachio pudding medley.     

Do you see?  We are making this shift right before walking into our family's rendition of Candy Land.  Talk about a challenge!  I think we'll have to set up a confessional booth....that's what they call 'em, right?  

So you wanna see how it all goes?  Find us!  Follow us on all the links below....We'll keep you up to date with videos, tweets, 'grams, pinterest and yes, even the blog, although not everyday.

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