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Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend bliss joyfully welcomes my Monday reality

You ask "what does BCBG have to do with anything?" you'll find out
Can this new reality paint a completely different picture than last weeks’? 
The answer is yes!!!!

The showcase of my weekend’s adventures, tears, laughter, videos and the making of new friendships is finally in.  
Like a urgent news flash except NOT....because this flash of fun through photos brings JOY!!!!
Let’s highlight a glimpse then we’ll travel in order of events:

This weekend adventure started with a bunch of fun ladies...

(24 in all) getting together for a road trip to Houston for the Joyce Meyer conference. Adventure and spiritual growth was around every turn.
everyone in their own conversations
I love seeing friendships grow and strengthen

in the back all alone on my own personal journey
reading, praying, singing....all part of the fun

thank God for Linda....when I volunteered as a driver I accidentally took
us to San Antonio instead of Austin....oops!

gorgeous views out the back

I promise she wasn't bossin' us around...just telling me where to point my camera:)
just a random video that was the start of my beautiful new
friendship and healing in my heart, for real.  
who doesn't just LOVE the Galleria Houston mall?
and Raymond Weil watches? 
you've GOTTA watch this video of Sam telling all about how scrumptious those cheesecakes are at the Cheesecake Factory.  He should win employee of the YEAR for this performance or at least a spot on their commercial.
big ole' long table for my friends
did I mention Stormy n Sam were the greatest
servers ever? oh, well they were.

geared up for some worship & WORD .... nothing more exciting!

what a tremendous experience to worship God freely with a stadium packed full of women
desiring more of God!  That's the REAL adventure right there....seeking His face and His
perfect will for your life.  ooooo, don't get me started preachin'!

After the Friday night session, which Joyce taught us all about motives and how to keep our hearts clean, we had a wee little cheesecake eating party in the hotel lobby.  It was then I forgot about camera, pictures or really anything else other than experiencing my Dutch Apple Struedal (who knows how to spell that word anyway) Caramel Cheesecake.  Joyce's message must've done some surgery on my heart because I actually shared TWO bites with my friends.  If you didn't believe in miracles before....there you have it, folks.  My heart is now clean from selfishness and maybe even gluttony:)  Although I was upset when I got home to an empty bag of cookies....that's beside the point.
who doesn't love a cheesecake?

I can tell some girls do

a valiant modeling attempt
see the figures in the store....I think we did a great job!

will it fall on us? 

SuperGirl! That jump was at least 5 feet off the ground

the girls.....before Deb

Deb sneaks up
Deb inevitably takes charge 

the late nighers--adventure lovers

"let's try looking thoughtful" Mikayla
while they pull it off nicely I'm trying to come up with our next adventure
unfortunately no one was up for a midnight stroll outside
you know fresh air is good for us ladies!

I'm going to rename Susan something like "giggles" or "Mama Joy"
This woman can flow with the fun if I do say so myself

these 2 guys sing with Matt Redman and the anointing of God comes in...in a BIG way.  Thanks for the pictures guys....sorry for my weird bend down belly/booty thing on my part---not a good idea!
 God's super-charged gals flowing in the gifts of the Spirit
That guy's "angels" got nothin' on us!
and to the the lovely ladies of my church (present and absent) thank you for your love, acceptance and hunger for God

leaving is always bitter sweet--especially when you lose your car and walk around an empty parking garage for an hour:) Thank God we didn't repeat that this year

best road trip grub: Chick-fil-A hands down (don't even try to vote)

and I leave you with the  best of the best...EXPRESS

Love n Grace for you today.  Lots more this week if I can juggle all my world AND this fun blog.
Stay posted for some thrifting tips & ideas

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