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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a Bracelet Heirloom creation: FINALLY!

This bracelet, just named G-ma's Compilation, has been in my jewelry making box for over a year now with all the little precious bits I collected from my Grandma Barb, Grandma Vivian, Aunt Sunday, Marc's mom, random purchases, even more random picks:)

So without going into too much detail on it....here you have my newest jewelry creation (as a TOTAL amateur so don't look too close).
My Gma Vivian was part of TOPS (Taking off Pounds Sensibly) and was SOOO proud to graduate to
KOPS (Keeping Off Pounds Sensibly)
Barbie contributed the pretty pink stone.

the GSA?  Really Grandma?  notice all the pieces that made one charm here....3 actually.  The back is the Reagan Ranch pin...the cross I got from an old shed full of junk!...God blesses me everywhere I go:)

bought this earring from an antique dealer near Houston and Marc drilled holes in the sides to make it a link for me:) see my little bell?  Both of my grandmas loved bells & this was Vivians

even the backs of the charms look good to me:)

I love creating and I especially love working with vintage pieces.  This is currently my favorite creation because it comes from so many people I love and from so many adventures I've had along life's way.  Bottom Line:  It tells an interesting story!

Make your own:  start now, even it this project takes you 5 years to create just begin collecting random little pieces you find along the way.  Could be from anywhere.  Could be made from a lot of things.  This one has old earrings, pins, awards, charms, a chain I pulled apart and shoddily put together.  For me a charm bracelet worked because I had so many pieces and I had already made a necklace from 3 of Barbies treasures.  (which might actually be featured in this video....I can't remember)
Feel Inspired?

I have a challenge for you:  find something (could be anything: it could be a lamp, an old pillow case, an old family photograph, nail clippers (yes, you'll be seeing something from me soon with this piece:) Make sure it's something that you don't mind being altered in order to create something new & very special.  Tell us in a comment what you have and we (you, me and everyone else who happens upon this blog) can brainstorm to see what you could come up with.  How does that sound?  Or do you have something you can recreate that you can tell us about?  Share please:)

Love n Hugs my friends....I'm soon off to Iowa where both sets of grandparents come from so maybe I'll come home with more little bits.

Diella Wyatt

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