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Thursday, April 11, 2013

did you rise to the challenge yet??

Not sure if you read yesterday's challenge yet but in case you missed it here ya go: heirloom challenge

While the kids were down for a nap I sat down with my jewelry inspiration box (funny, I call it something different every time I speak of it:) and started creating gifts to take north.  I'm sure everyone will find something they love to pick out:)
So without a bunch of blah-di-blah words to describe them I shall share the pictures with you:

the shells on the right came from a pair of earrings I bought in some beautiful place....I can't remember exactly where but it was either one of the islands of Fiji, Tahiti or Hawaii (all my jewelry like this has a story but some have already been forgotten, sadly enough:(  The topaz colored glass or crystal came from an old chandelier 

a little old a little new make this anklet interesting to me.  I ended up having this awesome chain necklace but have always hated the look of it around my neck.....so I turned it into 3 bracelets.  You too could do the same thing with an old chain you find about.

a vintage pin turns into a focal point ...this bracelet's vintage drama makes me smile

Not much to say about this one except the charm is removable so if I decide I don't like it down the line I can trade out the flower

I totally LOVE old keys.  This heavy piece is super unique I've kept to myself for AGES!  Time to share with others:)

I made this for someone special in mind (the back of the Cedar Rapids piece has a unique surprise for its new owner
the 3 circle bit came from an old necklace I had growing up that I used to play dress up....then it turned into a cool accessory I actually wore during high school and even beyond.  It has transformed considerably since then though

"what?!?!"  "A spark plug on a necklace???"  "Are you crazy girl?" why as a matter of fact I do like to not only step out of the box I find myself dancing on it from time to time.  My dad left me with a bunch of old rusted spark plugs I've gotta make something with 'em.  You see how you can use anything as inspiration.  (this may be a total flop but I know I still have to seal this so the rust wouldn't affect the lady's clothes who would dare wear such a wacky thing!
 So there you have it.....one day I'll know more about jewelry making and have some neat-o tools that will make creating far easier & more beautiful (except for maybe the spark plug one, that may be a flop actually)

love y'all
come back tomorrow, hopefully I can post one more before heading up north for my frigid adventures.

Diella Wyatt

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