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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

hidden treasure: FOUND!

The other day we were flying through Wimberley trying to make it to a 5pm appointment and as we whizzed past this cute little shop with these perfectly (ME) letters on the outside spelling "Love Home" I screeched "we've gotta go back there...did you see that shop?"
she sells these letter signs....how cool are they.

Nope, anyway off to our appointment.
Well, low and behold on our way
back I couldn't find the place anywhere.  Then suddenly Marc spins the truck around and hollers at me "Love Home, did you see that?  We've gotta stop!"  Now you'll notice I didn't mention the name in my earlier carryin' on.  Or maybe I did....how could I be bothered to remember such a minute detail?

Before we pull in we notice she's nearing the letters.  Oh no, she's unplugging the lights!  She's closing!!!!   "STOP the truck, let me out!  No, honey, I'm serious" as I open the door (truck still moving) he realized just how serious I was.

Now a good writer could quote the conversation and draw the interest of the reader....right?  Will here's the best I can do....notice I'm not using quotation marks because this is a rough rendition of my time with Melynda.

NO NO NO....you can't unplug those lights!  I need to take pictures....I need to blog this.
she giggles (I hope that was giggling)
What's the deal here you own this with your mother?
no I own it.
WOW!  (more conversation here)
can I take a few pictures?

she proceeded to tour me around the space even turning on some lamps for me and taking me upstairs.  I will say I didn't even have a moment to breath at this point.  While we were upstairs and she was telling me her story....that's where I was able to inhale.......eeeeeeeexhaaaaaaaale.

What a great story: using my "popcorn" storytelling.  Her husband is a musician.  They have a 19 mo. old. They're in Gruene quite often but she found a tough time finding a space that suite them, without adding their names to a waiting list, that is.  She loves interiors (and it shows) and she'll help her clients design their space with the items from her store.  The place was breathtaking!!!  Reminded me of the first time I set foot in Cowgirls & Lace in Dripping Springs.  Ahhhhh.  (that blog post was most likely visit number 143 to this awesome fabric store.  Their home decor is beautiful as well) 

As you know, it's places like this and people like Melynda that tug on my heart.  She just set up shop here this past November and has survived the winter months despite the fact that she's a ways down from the square (the main hub of this cute little town on the river).  I want this place to succeed!  She has a GIFT!  She has an EYE!  She has the COURAGE to make a go of this.

 I have an idea:

WORD OF MOUTH people!  
That's how mom n pop shops like the Tree House prosper and grow roots.  You'll tell a friend of the fabulous new place you discovered (be honest, we all like to "find" that new hot spot that soon becomes the rage)...that friend will tell another friend....that friend has a client who needs that bed....then they also buy all the accessories for the master suite reno!  You see?  You play a vital role in Melynda's success....we all do.

such a cute "kids room" or all sorts of amazing kiddo goodies on any budget.

I have a passion for living decorated and bringing those around me along for the ride.  My passions extend far beyond what I portray on these pages and now I'm sharing with you my passion for seeing other people experience God's BEST!  It's not about what you or I can do out of our own ability (which is so limited).  Let me ask you a question.  What do you believe?  I believe ALL THINGS are possible to him who believes.

I firmly believe God places me in the right place at the right time (just as they're closing up shop:) as I learn to trust in and rely upon HIM! This gal I'm featuring here today has a special purpose in life and God wants to see her soar far more than I can imagine.  He wants you to soar into new places as you trust in Him to lead you and guide you. Psalm 32:8 says it all.

Much love to you all....please spread the word about Shop the Tree House in Wimberley and have a super fabulous week!!!

Diella Wyatt
thx for letting me crash your place as you were closing up shop:0 so gracious of you!
disclaimer: sorry for the blurry pictures it seems I was so overwhelmed and rushed that I didn't take the time to check my shots:(  oops!  thanks for your

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