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Monday, August 7, 2017

finally.....our first destination :: Las Vegas

Since this journey began I find myself sad ....a little sad that a few of my closest friends never experience my world ... because they're social recluses.  No offense, you friend out there with No FB, Instagram, Twitter, or even Pinterest account....for the love.....get with ONE of them for the sake of all my sanity.  Heck, make up a fake name....use a picture of bananas as your profile...just make it happen.

You know, if it were me I'd never let someone pressure me like that.....I'd just dig in my heels and utterly refuse to subject myself to the prying eyes of the FB stalkers silently waiting in the shadow for you to fall flat on your face so they can rip you apart with their criticizing opinions (which they so freely share) and hurtful words (to which there doesn't seem to be an end).

Yes, actually, I fully understand why you keep the world at an arm's length.  In fact, I think I may have talked myself into closing all my accounts and traveling the world without a single one of you to see.   Private...quiet...silently eventful.

N O . . . that doesn't sound right either.   How about I just post some pictures here and keep it simple.  You live your awesome life and I'll live mine....and there ya have it.  Loving each other from a distance but knowing we're as close as a click of a button.  I DO LOVE YOU!
yes.....I occasionally take pictures at the gas station!
Drove for what seemed like 12 hours today from
Parachute, CO to Las Vegas, NV

smuggled in some organic fruit so we won't have to eat crap for every meal
(ice cream and pretzels are calling out to me each time I have to walk
to the car....which has been about 4 too many times when you
consider it's about 2 miles away in the ginormous parking garage.)

OOPS!!!  An iron mishap tonight left my husband's shirt
with brown rust stains all up the front....oh no!
BUT....MGM came to the rescue.  They're dry cleaning the shirt
as we speak and it'll be ready and delivered to the room by 8am.
I'd say I'm the happy recipient of excellent customer service.

I'm living the life....and here's the main thing....it's NOT about me.  It's ALL about a God who loved me so much He orchestrated my entire life down to the last detail.  He loves you like that too and wants the best for your doing, your going, and your being.

I hope this wacky journey encourages you to dream big and never give up on what you feel called to do.  You can do it.  You ARE enough.  Start here and now...do something...even something tiny that will draw you closer to your dreams.  

Be great!  
Be beautiful!  
Share love and a smile.  
Some people never give a smile back but don't be deterred...they may need just that.  

Vegas can do weird things to people.
The folks here (in my limited experience, having only been here a half a dozen times or so) are pretty rude, selfish people with very little manners but I'll tell you what...in a crowd, I found a precious older lady who offered to help ME with MY luggage.  No kidding!  I was loaded down, friends.   I mean....to the max and every muscle in my body was screaming "Icy Hot" by the time I made it the 3.4 miles to the lobby.   I'm ok though, thanks for caring:)

But if you'd like more insider footage join me on Facebook Live....I'm over there more often than not anymore.   But follow or connect somehow on any social media fronts you care to...I'm there.  Look me up and let's be close.

Goodnight and farewell....I may or may not be coming to you tomorrow but surely on Wednesday, you can count on that.


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