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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Flexibility ... the clean slate

A blank page
A clean slate
A new day

Where will we go from here?  What shall we do now?  
School starts in less than a week and I'm only slightly freaking out.   Ok I'm talking myself down off the ledge, if you wanna know the truth.  I feel like the grandest loser in the land.  I've done NO research.  NO preparations.  Bought exactly ZERO supplies.  I've had this whole life-change on the brain.and have admittedly made no room for order or even the on-boarded-ness I must succumb to.  I realize it's not a word.  I completely accept the fact that I create new words for personal use and misuse.  Not news here.  

I just want to know....
moving through the desert from Vegas to California

How do you do it?   All you normal moms with mom brains ... you early morning risers....you home school mom geniuses ... you over achievers ... you prepared princess-like maternal beings ... you.

I love you.
I wish I had half of your beautifully organized brain.   
My brain has not yet fully switched to "road school mom"  ... realizing I must wear a teacher hat for the ENTIRE YEAR....has me on my knees.
It's my artistic nature, that's what it is....rebelling against my/our need for order and balance. 
I/We need structure. 
I need a roadschool miracle, is what I need! 

This is not a vacation.  This is life.  A different life, that's for sure. 

A year on the road.  
Where change is the norm.  
Flexibility is key.
Reminding me.....
I'm ready for the unexpected.  at least I think I am...the training I've endured must be about to pay off, right.  

driving and chatting
No matter....I'm on my journey.  
What journey do you find yourself on today?   No matter where or how you find yourself I assure you God is giving you the right amount of grace to get you through this phase ... no matter how difficult or impossible things seem.  A plan is already in motion as we speak.  Look straight ahead.  No looking in the past.  No worrying about the future....it doesn't help anyway.   Focus and thrive.

Old Mining town....history.
Just be.  Be in the moment.
Be kind
Be humble
Be thoughtful
Be generous

Man, I'm sure bossy today!  Maybe I'm speaking more to me....it's highly likely.  
Love and light and prosperity to you and yours, you beautiful thing, you. 

I hope you'll join this journey and share your thoughts, ideas, hopes and encouragement along the way.  In all honesty, I'm at a loss for words....so I leave you with pictures to get you updated. 


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Enjoy some more pics from the trip. Vegas to Redding then to Oregon where the adventure continues.

the details in this 110 year old gem of a hotel...original claw foot tub
who does that anymore?

another amazing experience in the heart of it all...Redding, CA

had to try....not sure that it tastes better but I love their
take on saving our planet.

my spray tan experience was stellar thanks to Jazzie
perfect color....like art, really.

just a detail in our new little precious home...
do not despise small beginnings
God is faithful, friends.

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