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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Out with the old...in with the new

hey friends...

It's Wednesday and I know I usually have something to post...today is no different.  I actually went rogue on the topic of politics...whoa, nelly!!!

However, you can't find it here.  I had finally had enough of this whole mess of posting photos.,.,as you can see...this photos is from about 5 years ago....where are my new pics? Oh I can't get to them through blogger.  Bye bye blogger!  You are no longer my friend.

I've found refuge in someone else's arms.....welcome to the very new and improved..... www.BluWyatt.com

Come on out and see what's new. And you won't have any reason to come back here unless you wanna review some fun past posts....and see cool pictures;)

Whatever you do speak the words....I'm coming out!!!

Love y'all.....sleep tight!
I feel like I've started the most perfect relationship 
And I'm just gettin things goin .... love 

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