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Friday, August 4, 2017

goodbye Tiny Town

For the past 20 months, I've lived off the beaten path just outside of Tiny Town Tipton, Iowa on a farm fit for a king.  I've loved every minute of this peaceful existence.....ok nearly
cold, wet, drab February on the farm...I shall not miss you!

so.....there is that dreadful month of February with its dark, cold, wet, depressing days.  But that's beside the point.  The summers balance it out enough.

Upon our arrival the day before Halloween 2015 we were greeted with wide open arms.  Family and strangers alike.  The homecoming parade sailed through town right in front of our Bed and Breakfast throwing candy to the littles....I just knew we were in the right place for this season.

I've grown immensely from this time of silence and solitude.... I wouldn't trade this experience for a thing.
my road...the mile walk down to the old church & cemetary....lovely!!!
Before I end this super short post (just to share some pics of my Iowa memories), I have a few goals I'd like to share:
Goal #1 to share the love of Jesus....
Goal #2 to live in the present moment each day regardless
Goal #3 to decorate my life with experiences, relationships, divine appointments, adventures and even projects, shall they arise.

So it's been a really LONG, amazing, perfectly orchestrated day of clean up, packup and drive for 6 hours....now resting at the hotel getting ready for the second leg of this journey....drive to Denver to pickup my husband at the airport.  The idea is that I drive in at the same time he lands.....we shall see.

So let me just say thank you and I love you and I'll truly miss you.  Iowa, you'll always be home.
I've said my goodbyes, I've cried my tears and I'm ready to make my way on this wild journey of life.

Now enjoy some pictures:  LOVE YOU, Blu

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I only spent a week working up gallon upon gallon of sweet corn
only to find I overcooked every last one of them....oops. 
best sewing shop around....The Sewing Room

character everywhere in this adorable old town

storm rolling in

we had a giant pear tree as well as 2 apple trees and a cherry tree....we called it the orchard

the exact cornfield we live in

awesome small town school....love them!

the park a mile down the road....never used!

The Sutliff bridge my dad climbed to the top of

gorgeous OLD library...we spent many hours here.

tractors everywhere

boys hangin' on the stairs

fishing on the lake

my bestie...Sue!

Golf Course I had the pleasure of playing (with Casandra)

Uncle's pond...lots of time fishing here...2 miles from our home

Penelope found her forever home in the Oasis Coffee Shop...
yay for her and the joy she'll bring

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