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Sunday, August 6, 2017

out of the tunnel

Have you ever had a really tough battle in front of you? Or maybe you're in the middle of one right now.  Your dog died, your mom has just been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, you lost your job, your kid fell out of a tree and broken his leg, you wrecked the car, your husband had an affair, you get the idea.....bad stuff can and does happen .... to good folks, even.  
drove thru this mountain via this super cool underground tunnel

I understand hurt and pain.  I understand a broken heart....and I feel for those spilling tears tonight...soaking their pillow.  I've been there.  You NEVER know what someone is going through unless you've been in their shoes ... or a fly on their wall:)

So no judge, friends.  

I wish I could invite you in a little further but the fact is....the wounds are still gaping....the bleeding hasn't stopped....I haven't come out of the tunnel....But there is hope.  There is always hope.  Hope for a brighter tomorrow.  Hope for a new beginning.  Right around the corner.

I believe in miracles.  I believe in possibilities.  I believe in Love.  I don't know about YOU but I'm putting God in control of this ... mess....I find myself in.  

I realize you may not be following me at a full 100% but that's ok.  I can't have all my life on display for all to see and scrutinize.   (I don't even know if I know how to spell that...surely spell check will get it, right?)   As I said before, I'm leaving the reigns in His well-able and capable hands.  

I trust.
got lost searching for a spray tan in downtown Denver today:)

Signing off, I hope this finds you well and jolly but in case this hits you in a soft spot and you're walking through a load of crap (the nicest way I can put it), know that I'm here...praying for you.  All you who find yourself broken.

In all actuality, being broken is the only way to find healing.....I mean, am I right?!

I come broken .... broken before the foot of the cross.  Where I can humbly accept healing, grace, mercy, forgiveness, and so much more.  Will you join me?  

No labels
No criticism
No pride
No comparison
No jealousy
No regret
No bitterness

But rather ::

driving through the mountains of Colorado today....gorgeous!

I pray peace and rest for you tonight my dear, sweet friend.  You're in the right place...where you are.  Have faith God is working something behind the scenes on your behalf and you'll prove yourself right.

I guess that's it for tonight....it's late.  Be thankful I didn't share the details of finding and checking into a hotel at the LAST MINUTE when ALL the hotels in Colorado seem to be occupied.....UGH.  Now you know why it's so late.

Peace out....kisses

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found this at the Denver Airport....I LOVE AMERICA

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