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Monday, August 21, 2017

A new tomorrow :: beginnings

Happy start to your school year however that looks for you.  Maybe this means more quiet days at home. Maybe this means longer work hours at work.  Maybe it means standing at the front of a classroom of 22 kids.  Maybe you're the mom-teacher.

since I'm having MAJOR technical difficulties uploading pictures
you'll have to settle for last year's first day of school.....
I'm NOT a happy camper about this.  I need to hit the Apple store.

About 7 months ago, I was introduced to the term "road schooling"
and thought...ok I can get my mind around that.  Put them in front of a computer and allow professionals to educate them.  'Bad mom', you say?   Oh, brother.....nothing I haven't said to myself. 

I ask myself....is this
Overwhelm-ed-ness (another word created for the sake of making a point)
Or perhaps it's a big hunk of "I'm not cut out for this, never was" kind of thing.   
A little of all of the above, perhaps. 

Let me let you in on a little secret: I begged God since before I was even married "God please, please, please ....... pleeeeeaaaaaaase don't make me home school my kids! Insert hundreds of exclamation points here!!!  

Yeah, how's that working out for ya, Blu?  
I knew the instant I said yes to my husband's wild, hair-brained idea of traveling for a year to find our next home that I would be giving up that 'drop 'em at the bus stop with a hug and a kiss' oooey gooey feeling.  That silence I experienced on the two mile drive back to 'the farm' would become a distant memory.  (Good thing I took plenty of Instagram clicks to capture the moment in time.). Times of Pilates, walking, writing, visiting, reading, heck even cleaning in peace and quiet have been placed on the proverbial shelf until further notice.

I'm no longer freaking out, friends

 I'm no longer freaking out, I say!!!  I'm putting Isaiah 54:13 to the test....literally.   "All my children shall be taught by the Lord and great will be the peace of my children."  

Oh and I've added "Let your ears listen to wisdom.  Apply your heart to understanding.....
Your heart will become wise.  Your mind will delight in knowledge." Proverbs 2:2,10-11 (kids bible version). I'm here to call this over my kids.  Call it out over your kids. They will operate in wisdom and knowledge.  I receive this.  How 'bout you?

So back to my morning drama.....things start early here.  Haven't yet figured out how I'm going to rise to this challenge.  I'm just more of a night person....night owl to the nth degree!  

Mornings must find a way to be my new thing.  I must excel at waking up and function ... at a high level.  Or even a medium level until the coffee cup has found her second round...then I'm sure I'll be ready.  

Oops...Bad attitude alert! : stop griping.  Just do it. 

Rise with joy and a song! 

I have it scheduled out ...  all neat and tidy.  Even scheduled recesses, snack break and lunch break at the skate park.  I'll be a hero.

Now let's talk about this eclipse business.  Will you be watching? Where are you watching from?  Are you traveling to get a closer look?  We're currently in Oregon, which you know if you've been following the blog or any other social media platform I'm on.  So apparently we're right in The Path. 

I highly doubt this solar eclipse has nothing to do with this major change in life for me.  For me, it represents a new beginning.  A grand beginning to the best year of my life!  I truly believe this to be true, although I had no idea I believed that until my fingers tapped across my iPad the very words you read.  Funny how things develop. 

After having a conversation with my home schooling sister with 4 kids ( I know, right!) I've decided to go really easy on myself the first week.....or two.  Plenty of grace and patience....and M&M's.....ok I came up with that one but I'm stocked up in case.  She said something wise...."nothing...not even education....is worth... " (well, come to think of it I can't remember her exact words so here I go on my very own paraphrase rant) '...your relationship with them....or was it their spirit....don't crush their spirit in return for their education.'  "Just make it fun," she says.  Easy to say, is what I say. 

So I don't know what to tell you. 
One step at a time...each moment is meant to be lived on its own without the pressure of deadlines, expectations, grade point averages or any other demand life, others, or even we, ourselves, place before us.

Living life decorated is my life goal....and beauty begins with humility.
 As well as some other stuff but that's where I'm landing this blog post.   I humbly come before my Creator and ask for grace ... not only to successfully start this race but to finish this race......come on, moms ....we got this!!!!!  Power to us.  

Claim your grace, patience and even favor

Whatever you're facing tomorrow, rest assured, God's got this.  
Rest well.

Love ... and caramel lattes,  Blu 

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