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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Someone needs YOU!!

Bluer than blue skies speckled with fluffy whites all across the sky....it's my view. Surrounded on 3 sides by corn so big I'm drawing the conclusion it was injected with some growth hormone.  
Anyway, the family is taking a wee Sunday snooze while I soak in the sun; Britt Nicole's music filling the breezy airwaves.  God amazes me to say the least.  

My last post.... to have that one off my chest and out into the world....Such a relief....the weight has lifted. Literally when I clicked "publish" my heart felt lighter. It almost felt as if I had been holding my breath all those months....Freedom swept over me. 

I don't know what I expected....perhaps I had no expectations. My job is done; I hit publish!  One surprise that hit me like a feather pillow upside my head: The overwhelming words of encouragement I received.  Several times I was brought to tears by a comment.  So many people are suffering in darkness.  I know part of my calling is to share the hope that I now have.  I'm filled with indescribable joy and gratitude.  Walking the path of healing with God at my side.  

Well I thought it appropriate to talk about the importance of encouragement....lifting someone else up with our words and gestures.

In this crazy world we face a barrage of criticism, judgement and jealousy.  So and so is smarter than you, the girl on TV is more beautiful than you, that guy got the job you've been waiting for, the jones family has it all...why can't I have that?!
Stop it!!! You're perfectly made for this day and hour.  You have a call and a purpose unique to you.  No one can fill your shoes. 

When we compare ourselves to others we're literally robbing ourselves of joy, peace and focus on what we're called to do on this earth!  Each one of us need to allow our light to shine brighter and brighter in this dark world.  Now even more than ever!!!

Acknowledge someone's success, beauty, style, ideas, accomplishments, brilliance ......fill in the blank.  Be generous with compliments, encouraging and uplifting words. It won't cost you a thing and here's the bonus: the more we compliment one another the better it makes us feel in the process. 

Be real. Be thoughtful. Don't hold back your admiration because you think they probably always hear it; you just never know what insecurities someone carries around.   I, for one, held onto crazy insecurities for most of my life. People had no idea the depth of it!  Friends, family and even strangers need to be uplifted more than you or I realize.   

One more thing, I encourage you to get a journal. Write down good things about yourself "I am beautiful, I am wise, I am healthy, I am worth it, I'm pretty amazing." Just do it!  Write on your mirrors with dry erase markers and change them out often.  Allow positive words of LIFE to soak. your. soul.  You'll see a noticeable difference in your dealings with others as your confidence improves.   "Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." Matthew 12:34b

Let's just create a movement of lovely people trying to spread joy, hope and love...I'm onboard....what about you? It's just one of the many ways I choose to "live decorated".  

Someone needs what you have to offer.  It may even be a matter of life or death. Give Hope, Bring Love, Change Lives.  

Hope and love,
Blu Wyatt


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Coming out of the closet: finally

sit on my white front porch swing; the sound of tractors doing what tractors do in the background; wearing my paint apron while waiting for the end table to finish drying in the garage.  The yard is mowed.  Life is quiet.  Life is slow.  

It’s been ages since my last post and you can only imagine what I’ve been through since then.  Like moving to a cornfield in the middle of Iowa, for one.  We've been here now 9 months and life couldn't be more different than what we had in Texas.  For one thing, it's light years slower paced than Austin.  The people are genuinely kind and seem to care about each other with no hidden agenda.....refreshing.  We live on a farm and have been enjoying the benefits of rural living. Grandpa is only a few miles down the road so that's a major perk.  We've planted a giant garden as well as the 2000 gladioli bulbs which are now in full bloom....love delivering them all over town with him.

Now that you're pretty well updated on this side of the world......I have a hot topic to address.  I'm not sure how to gracefully go about this but I want to talk about....one subject I never want to ever have to talk about, especially in writing: 

one of the most difficult subjects to wrap words around…..  Remember when we heard about Robin Williams death?  What a shock that was to us all.  Well my dad also committed suicide (a few years back)… and most recently a friend from high school took his life leaving behind 2 little kids.  Not that every case of depression has such a tragic end, but I assure you

its real

its ugly

(Here's the video: https://youtu.be/nBigoN2zMFA

Trying to wrap my mind around clear thinking and articulating this very raw subject....and to what end? How deep shall we go? Should I tell the story? Questions abound.

I was 14. Girls can be mean in middle school.  Degrading insults shot at me like fiery darts and dug deep.  The honest truth is I was quite the ugly duckling....long, lanky, and awkward. To top it all off my step dad had iron clad rules which kept me home, without friends and little activity.  I was miserable.  I would sing that silly song "nobody likes me everybody hates me guess I'll go eat worms." (Salty tears stained my face for many years.) One afternoon I walked home from school sobbing.  Life was dismal and I couldn't see taking another day.   I searched the house high and low for any pills I could find and without hesitation I swallowed every single thing I found. No one would miss me.  In fact they'd be better off.  No more fighting with parents, no more jeering kids from school....no more!  Well who knows how much time had passed when my sister found me lying on the cold bathroom tile.  The doctors pumped my stomach, my mother prayed and I lived to see another bleak day.  

Ugh this is tough.  I don’t want to talk about it....but at some point it has to be done.  I must break out of my box of shame.    I am now on the other side….free!  Maybe now I can help someone move through this yuck. 

There's much more to my story that may or may not come out in random pieces but to sum it up....all throughout my wildlife I rode an emotional roller coaster of drastic ups and debilitating downs.  It wasn't until I was 38 that I was officially diagnosed with Bi-Polar and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to some pretty big n heavy stuff that took place in my past.  At that moment, when those foreign-to-me words came out of my psychiatrist's mouth, I felt like my world crashed in a million pieces all around me.    I had no clue what I was experiencing even had a name.  

Let me briefly describe how bi-polar manifested in my life.  Most of the time I was “manic”, which for me meant that I got a lot done, I slept only a few hours a night, I was the life of the party, always up for adventure and creating memories.    I did NOT stop!!!  I would redecorate the house on an average of about four times a month.  Mostly in the middle of the night while my family slept.  My husband got used to our mannequin, Penelope, moving every few days.  I loved my world relentlessly spinning in all directions. 

The other end of this cycle of madness was the embarrassing side.  It invaded my life far too frequently than I care to admit….I had depression.  I remember days where I simply could not get up from the floor.  Tears stained the front porch where I would sit for hours.  Crying for no apparent reason.   I would bathe only when I absolutely had to and even then it was a struggle.  I would wear a smile for people around me because I hated the negative attention of a frown that and I didn’t want anyone knowing what pain I was in.   Bottom line…..to say I was “down” would’ve been a grave understatement.  I needed a major move of God in my life.  I was chained.    

During one of my lowest weeks I had a friend in church say she got a vision of me prancing through the halls with such a radiant joy all around me.   I sobbed when she told me and my face lost all it’s makeup within minutes.  Sometimes God sends a vision of what's to come and I believe that's what she had. 

Slowly but surely I began to reach out.  I called a few of my prayer warrior friends to pray for me.  As a result of the power of prayer I was able to find the right doctor, who then over a process of several months was able to find the correct dosage of medicine my brain needed in order to level out.  And yes, I do believe God can use doctors, and medicine for that matter, to help people…..don’t you?  
I have a curious question for you:  what if you had diabetes.  Would you be ashamed to walk into a doctor’s office for help for fear of how others would judge you?  Certainly not.  What if your child were born with a heart problem…would you seek medical services? Why, yes you would.  Without a doubt.   Nevertheless I felt shame. 

Now I’m living a peaceful life….free from fear and shame.  Yes I’m occasionally manic and even occasionally down but I know I’m healed and I know from where my help comes from.  My help comes from the Lord.    I will stand on His promises and I am FREE!

If you’re out there and you think you may be experiencing depression….you may even have contemplated suicide.  Life doesn’t end here.  In fact it’s only just beginning.    Reach out.  No longer allow shame or fear to keep you from getting the help you need.  There is help out there and people who honestly care.  However, even the best doctor can never take place of prayer, honey child.  (Enter strange accent)  

Healing comes in many shapes and sizes.  One thing is for sure…..God has a very special plan for your life.  Let God lead you on your special path.  Psalm 32:8 says  "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.  I will advise you and watch over you.”   You never know, yours may be the story the world needs to hear.   It all starts here.

I believe nothing is impossible with God. 

With love, 
Blu Wyatt

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Adventures in Texas :: summertime

How could I possibly bring you on this wild journey with me?   It's an adventure in living.....also known as living decorated:) follow me on a photographic trek through June.
My usual morning run to Stagecoach Park.

We've been on the six-week journey all over the state of Texas from the north to the very tip.  I completely staged my sister's home in San Antonio,
repainted and refinished a table and 4 chairs

(and a few other pieces of furniture), 

created multiple pieces of art, and had an art show in Austin .

..saw the devastating flooding in Houston, went to the coast,
found a private beach near South Padre,
got my blonde back and even ate at Galaxy!  I'm only whining that I didn't have sushi:( pout face.

But the real adventure, the really venture comes from the people that you meet and get to know and live life with. I've been blessed with many amazing, gifted, talented, beautiful people in my life!  This is just a shout out to those people :: I will miss you greatly.  
Vintage, Noa, Rowena and countless others come to mind.  But in all honesty I'm really excited to go home. Iowa. Man, that has a good ring to it.  My giant garden, my adorable kitties and my endearing grandad need some attention after weeks of neglect.  

So here I embark on a new adventure....homeward and onward we go.  Please come to Iowa with me.  I promise to write more and second guess less. 

Love n glitter,

Blu Wyatt ....here's a few more memories 

Good day darling...

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Staring 40 in the face

Fear has no hold on me.

I’m looking into this year with great expectancy and anticipation.  More so than any other year in my life.   In this moment of clarity, bravery is my close companion.  Will there be days ahead of insecurities or doubt?  Most likely, but I will face those days with patience and prayer…and a sound mind.   I want to live in each moment fully and optimistically; purposefully making lasting memories.  I wish to decorate each chapter as best I can using what God has graciously and abundantly gifted me.   In doing so I believe some good people will be encouraged to see the beauty in everyday simplicities and ultimately learn to Live Decorated in their own special way.   We’re all on this planet for a purpose and each of us should utilize our gifts to lift each other up and make a difference in the lives of those around us.    

One evening my 7 year old son told me (while cleaning his room) “Mom, you always like everything perfect!”  Yes, and what’s the problem?!   My life motto is Live Decorated so why wouldn’t I want my world beautiful and tidy?  Rest assured, I may strive for perfection but we all know its the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow….it doesn’t exist.  My Instagram feed may present reality in a different, more organized fashion.   More often than not its blowing up with funky angle shots and brightening filters, all in a vain attempt to paint this life a little more wondrous shade of happy.  What you don’t see is behind the camera…the pile of dirty dishes (who’s turn is it to wash anyway),  the lego mess in the living room (OUCH!!!), the unmade bed (no way, Jose) and curtains over-puddling (I must fix that!)  There’s always a different reality behind the pretty picture but painting it my own unique way is one of the ways I choose to decorate life.  

Reality: My love of beauty colors every moment.  Take a dose of peace and bring to a boil, mix in giggles and season with gold glitter; my idea of perfect.  However, its time to jump off that “perfect” bandwagon and enter into the best possible version of this life I can muster.  One day, one moment at a time.  Let’s join together in finding what joy we can in each moment.

A decorated bunny trail:  In a valiant attempt to sprinkle our New Year with fresh adventures today we sought out a precious tiny town one room theater playing the new StarWars show.   The adorable, young hipster couple who bought the places a mere 9 weeks earlier were over the moon with their new endeavor.  They even had a drawing for free popcorn and offered to feature our winter pictures on the big screen in months to come.   We loved every second of our interaction with that old building and her quirky owners.  15 people in the theater, poor sound quality, squeaky chairs, shared laughter….now that’s my living decorated.  Life really can be the adventure you thought it to be when you were 7.  

Hope arose in me the other day as I googled some remarkable things God did with the number 40.   Stay tuned for more insight on that one.  

Bottom Line: The future is shining.  Now is the season.  The season to arise from our slumber and shake ourselves awake.  May we all be positioned and tuned in for The Blessing that lay just around the bend.  
Live Free
Live BIG
Live Decorated

peace and butterfly kisses,
                                                                        Blu Wyatt

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Tiny Town Iowa

Hey y'all.....

What did YOU do for Thanksgiving? And a happy one at that....to you.
enjoying our queen size bed and sleeping in till 7 (sometimes)

Are you doing Black Friday???

Sitting quietly in our sweet farmhouse amid a land of crops, cows and future bacon type products I reflect.  Here it is...the adventure.....just at the start.  We have had one snowfall so far and survived without a  scratch.  For those of you not tuned in to my Instagram or FB, the story goes:  we spontaneously moved from Austin, Tx to Tiny Town Tipton, Iowa.

"Why are you in IOWA", most folks ask.  The answer differs depending on the mood I'm in and the person asking the question.  All answers are just short snippet of the truth of the matter: we needed a wee change of pace and a shifting of scenery.

So we're here on an adventure for a year (or longer, no telling right now), oh yeah, did I mention my 88 year old grandpa lives a couple miles from our cozy little farmhouse?  Now you know the draw to Iowa as opposed to Oregon or France (who were certainly on the list), not to mention cost of living in middle America beat out the latter.

A slower pace of life (see picture above) is surely one of the perks of the 1,100 mile move up the country.  As if time is preparing for the winter ahead.  I have much more time to get with God in the morning ... and even throughout my day He draws me back.  SO cool this God who loves us so.

a few other perks: My closet is way big enough to turn into a prayer closet (which I only just discovered tonight)....
neighbors are quite a distance away ....
we have a barn & workshop....  a dartboard .....
2 little farm kitties ... big picture windows that actually OPEN ...
trash service (which is a big deal in these parts) ...
a BASEMENT  ... and loads of storage!

since I have yet to capture a stunning Iowa sunset here is one
I'll cherish from the island of Rangiroa. 
The sunrises and sunsets are so vividly colored every single day and I actually get to experience both of them, in the same day, for perhaps the first time in my life:)  Apart from the few times I spent summers in Alaska, sunrises have usually eluded.

Seeing as how this is my first time back with you in over a year I don't want to go on too long and run you off.  One thing is for sure: this Iowa thing was a God thing!  I'm having the time of my life and I even baked the sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving dinner which is saying loads if you know me at all.  Come back, I'll try to keep you posted in short spurts.  

Follow my Instagram and/or Twitter @LiveDecorated  or even Periscope (but I'm new there:)

Hugs and Thankful Love,

Blu Wyatt

Monday, July 20, 2015

Here's to your health

You should know, the acupuncture clinic is coming along quite well.  She grabbed the keys Friday morning...a mere 5 days after beginning her search for a new clinic location....a miracle story I'll leave for her to tell because we all like hearing a good miracle story, eh?.. 

Meet Noa. (And Jess peeking out) 
 A special gal...with a flair for fun.

We celebrated this new adventure with some Malbec and Ruthie Foster ON a ladder!!! Seriously hysterical 

By midnight Friday the clinic was nearly finished.  We out our all into creating the most relaxing, healing environment possible for her patients. 

Noa is truly a light in the darkness, the salt of the earth, highly blessed and abundantly favored.  I know as Buda gets to know this gem of a lady they will see what the rest of us see....passion and compassion. 

Book online for a diagnostic and treatment.  www.ZoiAcupuncture.com 
You're sure to leave with some herbs and a whole lot of relaxation oozing from your muscles.  Just thinking out loud. 

Ciao and hugs,

Blu Wyatt

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Treat my body...and yours

Tonight marks the eve of a giant new beginning for a dear friend of mine.  In the morning she gains access to keys that unlock her very own clinic right in the heart of sweet downtown Buda.  
Noa Lynne is a brilliant acupuncturist as well as knowledgable herbalist who specializes in women's health and pediatrics.  What woman wouldn't benefit from some clarity, release of tension, healing for that headache, and even a little balancing of our hormones.  Yeah, mama....I see that hand raised. 

I've asked that she write a guest post for us as an introduction to acupuncture, the lowdown on herbs, why we can ALL  benefit from treatments in some form or fashion and how she can help. 

Oh, not to mention some before, during and afters of her clinic as we transform and empty square box of a room into something fabulous.  At least that's the plan:)

Check Noa out at www.ZoiAcupuncture.com and support the amazing women around you.  

Live Decorated, friends. God Bless 

Love n peace n comfy PJs.....nite

Blu Wyatt 

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