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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Buda Fine Arts & Jazz Festival

I love taking in art, culture, good music and interesting people so I was right at home this weekend in my small Texas town where we hosted the Buda Fine Arts and Jazz Festival.  

Here an original work of art in the silent auction we were 
so blessed to win the bid... by Kara Nodine.  Since the art didn't come with any information on the artist or the piece I have to make some calls & find out who she is....will get back to you on that.  I'm thrilled to add "Yellow Table" to our humble collection.  I believe everyone should own local artist's works so I'm starting the craze.

Saturday the boys and I took one of our dogs for a stroll through the festival.   We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the talented Austin Brass Band and even creating their own special artwork in the Kid's Art area (sponsored by Cabela's).

Since my Saturday adventure was all about the kids Marc took me back Sunday after church.  I was able to meet some artists and browse this year's talented people while a gentleman sang Gospel music on the stage out front:)

Here are some of the artists that really grabbed my attention
This is Stephanie Shroyer of c'ment2b 
and I absolutely love her cement creations, namely the fountains.  
  I will own one of her fountains!!!

Above is last year's featured artist Shou Ping who has a tremendous gift with paper sculpture and watercolor perfection.

NolaBelle Jewelry is my other find.  I love her dainty ultra feminine pieces and those gold and turquoise earrings.  She most likely thinks I'm a nut because I barely even spoke a word...just "will you take a picture with me for my blog?"  Nutty

 I fell in love with this pear & some of her birds.

I hope you enjoy this artistic post and be sure to check out all the artists to see if you need to add one to your collection.

Love n mosaic memories

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