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Monday, October 22, 2012

how did it all happen in just ONE weekend???

One thing is for sure: life is a blast and always an adventure.  The past week I've invited adventure by the dozens (up until the wee hours of the morning) so for this overview I've asked my delightful friend, Instagram, to help me highlight those moments.
small town charm I love to share with my friends in the big cities:)

This past weekend is a perfect example.  
click through for loads of pictures...

  1. Buda Fine Arts & Jazz Festival 
  2. visit to the Pumpkin Patch
  3. Invited in to a stranger's home (now surely a friend) for a private tour
  4. Buda Fine Arts & Jazz Festival AGAIN (I'll be featuring 4 artists this week)
  5. Day trip to Canyon Lake
  6. Random stop at a small Texas town country church at an event we weren't invited to & didn't know ONE person (great story & pictures with this one as well)
All the adventures I just named have a story & many many pictures to share....they'll be feature posts this week (provided time to sit at a computer fit into my world:) 

Here are some random pictures to share from the weekend that didn't make the cut for future blog entries:
down by the water with the boys all morning Friday ...this caught my eye:
reflection of the tree & the sun along with the shadows & ripple effect from the boys throwing rocks in the water
FINALLY had my hair worked over by Matilda (everyone in and around Austin needs to look her up)
she's highly gifted & uses hair as an expression of art!

I painted this printed sign for Clearly Classy Events to give it more of an original artwork feel

a walk can turn into an adventure real quick--its all in how you look at it
whether or not its a "fun" one:) We had to be rescued this week:) hitched a ride
with a neighborhood friend who loaded up my boys, me, my dogs and my cat into her car.
I found out that afternoon that she hates animals....never coulda known!

not sure what Aunt Jen is talking to T about but he doesn't seem to be paying attention.
He could be missing out on a lizard or something:)

yes, I'm still trying to figure this all out.  I declare my brain is a sponge & my fingers move fluidly & skillfully each time I sit down.  Many thanks to Terry Capps (gifted music teacher) for taking me under his wing.

Make sure to enjoy this fabulous Monday....and come back tomorrow for pictures & stories from the weekend.   Love n hugs n BIG adventure for your week!

Diella Wyatt (if you're still new to this new name deal click HERE to find out what it's all about)

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