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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Style Feature: French Cozy Chic in the Master Suite

The Master Suite:
In case you missed the story of this house and my sweetie cakes friend who owns it (and decorated it BY HER SELF) then click HERE to see loads of fabulous shots and hear the story.
for more pictures of this romantic boudoir please click to read more....
 Now that you're up to speed do you love Olivia already?  Thought so!  I believe God sends people into your life for a reason and always in His perfect timing and this friendship is a prime example.  There is no better friend than someone who will build you up and encourage you to live the best life God has for you.  I'm blessed to call Olivia friend!  (it doesn't matter that we only hang out a couple times a year--that should change).   Enjoy the pictures & the random comments thrown out.

That mirror was begging for the spotlight in this room.  Olivia had a great story about
working on a big project and not only receiving monetary compensation but she
worked this into the deal at a pretty penny.  I can only imagine!
if the pictures say it all why must I feel a need to embellish?  well, I guess its
because I'm inspired by this space and who doesn't want to talk about well
decorated spaces?  anybody? ??  Didn't think so!
A flare for textures layered with unexpected twists
keep you interested throughout the grand tour
while traipsing through Olivia's "estate" (as I shall call it) I missed so many opportunities
to highlight the small details.  In this room, for example, I would've shown you a closer view
of the decor thoughtfully strewn about if I hadn't been shy about the whole thing:)
I know, right!?!  I actually took my shoes off and helped myself into her tub while we were chatting.
My imagination took me to the most perfect bubble bath with instrumental jazz tunes
playing in the background, candles everywhere, the kids in bed and.......well, that's enough of my imagination!
I'm not joking when I tell you that every inch of this place has been well thought out.  I feel certain that
a trip to a French flea market is in my future.  I look forward to selling decor and accessories from all
over the world at The Grey Pear....you watch!  I'm even quite certain you'd see Olivia browsing around.

Love n hugs for all and to all a BLESSED Tuesday:)

Diella Wyatt (in case you didn't know...click here)

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