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Monday, October 15, 2012

Featured Spaces: french luxe with a twist of cozy romantic

I've been away from the computer a while so I've been inadvertently holding out on you.  You see a couple weeks ago I invited myself over to a friend's house (nothing new there) so I could get my fingers (and my iPhone) into every nook and cranny of her gigantic and exquisitely decorated home in Dripping Springs.

click through to read the story & find more great pictures of her rockin' relaxing style...

Since my friend is a big shot, fancy pants-y famous chica she wanted to remain nameless.  Yet I can't speak of her without putting a name to this story.  For that reason I've not only given myself a new name but I've renamed her to....uh....how about....... "Olivia"?  I think it's perfect!

The first time I stepped into Olivia's home I seemed to enter this walking-through-thick-country-air-awe-inspired haze.  I lost focus, I forgot my manners "hi.....uh.....wow.....who did your decorating?"  "YOU did?!:!:$@"
I was hooked.  I wanted the grand tour and I wanted it now!  I wanted to bathe in her tub while sipping a glass of red wine watching the candles flicker against the grand mirrors.  Don't act like you don't think the same exact thing when you see a grand master suite:) (the master suite is an entire post in itself...coming soon)

Finally, I built up the nerve to ask her if I could meander through her home with a camera for some inspiration to pass to my friends and here ya have it.  I will admit that after our move I can't seem to find the cord from my camera to computer so this was all done with the iPhone.  Disclaimer: I do not profess to be a professional photographer....just a lover of all things lovely.

So here you have it....Olivia's French Cozy Chic retreat.

the torn and tattered artwork spread throughout the home makes the space feel loved,
handed down from generations, and well traveled.

throw this rug in the mix with bold architectural pieces and you've created a collected, unique appeal which will have
guests milling around in amazement.  "where did you get this?" "what's the story here?" I found myself asking.

Olivia had her husband frame out the TV so it didn't seem so foreign in the space. Nicely done!  They also refinished the
fireplace and mantel for a cohesive, clean, polished feel.  The shelves are like little treasure boxes on their own.

Not only is this the "rose room" but its their quiet-time space.  (note Bible & journal on sofa)
The other side boasts a white grand piano.  To say this family is musically gifted is a grand understatement.
(The piano will have to debut in another post.)
Olivia just loves this worn, hole-y painting.  She said something like (wish I could remember for a good quote) where do you ever see cows with swans?  I love that she just buys anything that  grabs her...then figures out where it'll fit.

side thought:  This is by NO means the end of this Space Feature.  There are simply too many stories to tell and an abundance of pictures to share.  I haven't decided yet to deliver this story little bits each day (too many pictures for this one little post) or one post a week for a while.  Huh...what do you think?

So come back for another visit to Olivia's Retreat

hugs n love with some bold decorating choices for ya,
Diella Wyatt

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