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Thursday, October 25, 2012

garage playtime

This is a test post from my iPad through a new blog app I'm trying out....learning new apps or programs isn't exactly my gifting but I CAN do it!

I can hear the cold front blowing in now and chills surge under my skin

I'm not getting much accomplished tonight.
sitting in my garage reading the Word while everyone in the house sleeps.  Why don't I sleep?  good question!

I realize my garage isn't photo worthy but I'm quite happy to have a clean-ish space to read, pray, work, sing and whatever else I want to do:)

something about a gal and her garage...je ne sais pas. 

Mess, you say???  Yes, there's a constant flow of all sorts of projects, toys, desk mess, tools, junk metal, drills, little pups, my Bible and loads of "stuff" in boxes 'n' bins not yet unpacked.

I'm blessed blessed blessed....now for that creative assistant:)  


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