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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Style Feature: Texas Family History

A passion for decorating personal space doesn't require education or knowledge in the field.  It starts with a knowing of how you like to live and what you want to surround yourself with everyday.

My family was visiting the local pumpkin patch for some fall pictures this past weekend and as soon as we were out of the truck T made a bee line for this ancient wagon that looked like it jumped out of Bonanza.  Marc, being the rule-follower that he is (thank God for those), warned us we were treading on private property.  We then moved to the street to take pictures of this beautiful relic.  We weren't there but 15 seconds when
a lady approached us with such grace.  She kindly said we could come closer, just please don't climb.  She and I hit it off immediately, of course, and my new friend, Sandy, invited me inside her early century home which her and her husband have completely restored. (she may have told me the year it was built but I can't recall:)
wagon from 1890 used to haul grain and supplies to and from town

I'm always intrigued by individuality and confidence in decorating.  I have many friends that have a totally different style eye than I do but that's what makes this world such a beautiful place.  You'll see that Sandy has a very distinct style which is nothing like mine yet I adore her eye for the details.  Every inch of this beautiful home is well thought out and most likely constantly changing as she finds new treasures to add to her collection.

Here are some of my findings to share with you, my friends.

imagine sitting on this porch enjoying the huge oak trees

my view of my family waiting patiently for me at the pumpkin patch
while I make a new friend:)

then we walk inside:

everyone knows how much I LOVE vintage ANYTHING...but hats, jewelry, purses and linens are my go-to's
Sweet Sandy has them ALL!!!!  My eyes were eating up everything in sight

 Jewelry organization is a BIG thing for me and I'm sure you'll agree that Sandy does it well.  She is even using driftwood in her bathroom by her sink standing about 4 feet tall and its totally full of necklaces.

 she was such a gracious hostess (especially considering that I'm a total stranger) and she "introduced" me to all her family members - love the way she displays these over the potty.  And check out those little bird salt n pepper shakers.  I have a thing for adorable sets and a deep regret that I didn't snag one from my Grandma's collection while she was still around:(
vintage linens:)  yummy.  the one on top belonged to her husband's granny...WOW!!!

I'm a huge fan of displaying 2 groups of things: collections of anything and things I use often.  I believe this fits into both categories

 who wouldn't want to visit when the guest room looks like this?  not to mention the huge picture windows overlook the city park with its grand oaks

I believe this drawing was created by her brother when he was only 12 years old.  I may be mistaken though since I was rudely engrossed in getting the right angle so the lights wouldn't be reflected on the cowboy...rude!

huh?!?  an apparatus that parents would "strap on" their kids to prevent thumb sucking--woah!
her brother's shoes...what fun memories were made in those bad boys:)

The strangest thing happened, after I left Sandy's home I found my boys completely "over" the pumpkin experience and I hadn't taken ONE picture of them with pumpkins.  Ko literally took off toward her house leaving me 30 paces behind.  This is how I found him by the time I caught up.  He had never been here in his life & he just ran to her front door:)

Alas, a picture of pumpkins!  which happened to be right in front of her house....thanks Sandy for allowing me to bombard your lovely home.  What a wonderful treat meeting you!

 little disclaimer for ya:  I don't profess to be a professional photographer (as you can clearly see) or even to know how to operate my point & shoot camera so give me a bit of slack:)  Wait till I have that fancy-big-lens camera (then learn to use it)....this blog (and my world) will go to a whole new level;)  

love n hugs to all

Diella Wyatt

my local followers, don't forget that anyone who comments on any blog post from now until December 1st will be entered to win 2 free hours of a decor consultation in their home...with ME:)  What a happy day that'll be!

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