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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Style Feature: lighting

Light is so important when entertaining, working, playing, relaxing, reading, etc. 
Are you setting a mood? or do you need focused light for working or reading? 
I was shocked while traveling Europe (especially Italy and France) that they lighting was so bright & harsh even in intimate restaurants.  Yes, you should be able to see your food but lighting sets the mood and I will most likely never remember the food I've eaten but I always
remember the atmosphere (table settings, lighting, view, music, overall feel) of a place or experience. 

what about you.....what do you remember or soak in from an experience???
Remember Olivia? If not, read HERE and HERE to catch up to her style story.   This post is dedicated to her and the amazing eye she has for vintage lighting; sconces, chandeliers and lamps.  When you're considering mood lighting don't forget candles and by all means, DON'T be afraid to actually light them!  Have you been to someone's house who has loads of candles with dust just sitting there, signaling candle stinginess? 

Back to Olivia: she's a trip...since they have their house in the market they removed and packed away all their fancy pants-y antique chandeliers and hard wired sconces.  To the point that she would mention it in each room describing the look and style of the light that once illuminated her home.  I'm a bit obsessed with beauty and interior perfection myself:) 

 I try to imagine her lovely home all lit up at night with all these candles and instrumental jazz music wafting through the rooms.  

While I'm speaking of light it must be said that Jesus came to be the Light of this world.  Allow Him to illuminate the perfect plan He has for your life:)

Love n perfect lighting for you today,

Diella Wyatt
(name details HERE if you're new to the show)

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