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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some ideas for Jewelry Display & Organization

We all need help displaying our jewelry so you can quickly choose your accessories on your way out the door.  Here are some pointers to get organized as well as use your jewelry as art on your walls.

As you well know I'm a tad bit bossy (working on this folks)...so I wanted to encourage you to use this time to PURGE your jewelry collection.  Anything that's out dated, tired or just not your style anymore, take this opportunity to ask God who would be blessed by each & every piece....wrap each of them up, write a generic card of blessing & love then give to the person God puts on your heart to give.  (don't be fussed if this takes some time....weeks even)  
 It really is more fun to give than to receive  (remember my blog about seed-time and harvest?  put your seed in the ground you can start expecting a harvest....like more beautiful jewelry:)

Ok, just one story....I had a really pretty necklace I bought a few months back and the first time (and only time) I wore it I felt as if I was wearing someone else's necklace.  So I asked God who He wanted me to give that necklace to...forgot about it for several weeks then one Sunday morning I had an urgency in my spirit to wrap it up, write a sweet card with words of encouragement & put it in my purse.  At church that morning I walked around with it greeting everyone as I usually do.  After hugging one of my friends I walked away.  Immediately I felt the need to go back & give her that gift (then only hesitated a few seconds).   Well, let me just say that I really love giving....to see someone's face light up & their spirit lift right in front of your eyes is pretty cool.  about 20 minutes later she came back to me & said that 2 weeks earlier a co-worker had a necklace almost identical to this one & she had been complimenting it saying how much she loved the look.  God knew she liked it & had me buy it for her way before she even saw it on her friend.  Isn't God so cool!  He knows everything about you....your needs, desires, hopes, fears, dreams, pain and the list goes on.   So there's my extended version of gift encouragement.  Do it!            GIVE!!!!!  Oh, and organize....

Oh yeah, and decorate!!!              then             email me any stories about your giving experience. 

Enjoy this short video....then email me pictures of your jewelry display/organization...your picture may end up on one of my blogs. 

Another random Tip:  Surround yourself with things you love no matter your taste or style ... your life will feel more decorated & easy flowing when you eliminate clutter & group like items in an orderly fashion....trust me. 

hugs n love

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