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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let the RAIN pour down!!!

Driving home last night in Austin it was pouring!  I prayed for safety & protection then I relaxed & enjoyed every second of driving & singing songs with Tiernan.  During one of the songs about "God made Everything" I meditated on that statement & how awesome is the God of all creation.  That thought led to another thought then to another just as you all know happens and I realized this rain is symbolic of the "rain" pouring down in our lives right now!  Provision in a mighty way is at hand & victory is ours!  I'm so excited to share more when the time is right but for now I had to say this is the day for our VICTORY as the floodgate of Heaven are poured out on us!

With great victories come great battles and we're finally coming through that battle!!!!  Oooo yeah it feels good.... Let it rain!

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