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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Love the Skin you're in!

A baby & a todder....does that have to mean a decrease in showering?  I mean a decrease in the frequency and quality!!!  Is this normal?  Today in the shower (who knows the last time I had a REAL GOOD scrub down) I started singing "love the skin you're in" and God spoke to me again today---similar to yesterday ....which I haven't even added that blog yet----I should be taking care of this body o' mine.  Yesterday I hit a turning point in my weightloss attempt; I actually started it!!!!  So after a 4 mile walk around town lake with my girlfriends from church I came home, put the boys to bed & detailed my car....I mean every inch of that thing, well at least as far as Koko's nap allowed.  While washing the car God told me it was also important for me to take care of the things He had given me.  my car, my house, my amazing family, etc.  I pray He'll help me to fully grasp what this means regarding daily duties, habits, reactions, etc. 
So back to the shower, while signing my new "love the skin you're in" tune I decided its time to take care of this body for really the first time in my life.  Having always been skinny all my life, having 2 little wonderful boys has really put my body into a funky spin.  I have no idea what I weigh because I don't have a scale:)  I don'e believe anyone really needs one, you know if you're fit & healthy.  You feel good.  Back to my point: when I get back into my size 6 jeans I'll know I've turned a point.  This point I speak of is actually dying to self.  Giving God control & choosing to discipline my flesh....actually saying NO when my flesh wants that entire bag of cookies!!!!  or GET ON IT when I walk by our borrowed eliptical machine (I did it today by the way:).  Ok, so you get my point....take care of what God has given YOU.  It is still His really, the way I see it is everything I have is seed.  If He tells me to give it, its gone.  I only ask that He tell me who to give what to...ya know?  Then I know that seed is blessed & returning a great harvest. 

Oh, so really back to my point....shower!  everyday!!!! 


  1. I'm with you Trish. Gave it to God about 3 weeks ago and have lost 10lbs. Ian brought an abundance of delicous chocolate from Scotland two weeks ago and not one piece has passed my lips! God is good! Linda

  2. WOW Linda....way to GO! and thanks for the comment--encouraging!


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