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Saturday, May 21, 2011

where's my church?

5pm yesterday: Koko fussing for change of scenery from his pack n play, Tiernan in bathroom with MESSY accident, timer goes off for brownies & I'm just out of the shower naked.  Must leave house at 5:30.  Get the picture? 
Robe for me (or did I forget the robe?), paci for Koko & move to chair, wipes wipes and more wipes for T, oh man...the brownies!  Oh well, they'll taste just fine!  Dry hair, CLOTHES, dress T (30 minutes ago we had just ALL taken showers & baths which is a miracle in and of itself consideing our time frame), cover brownies, pack diaper bag, drink for T, slap a layer of makeup on so as not to scare my friends and we're off (5:30)....to the church that is, for a Young Adults dinner.

Driving Process & some thoughts to share:
Calm, peace & joy!!!!
I35 cut off (so says the blinking sign on the highway), its ok I'll take Slaughter & cut over to Brodie then up to church.  traffic....guess I'll take Manchaca up to Wm Cannon & cut over that way....wait....this doesn't look right.  Why do we take Manchaca home some evenings when Brodie is closer?  Oh, it must be to visit Likitty's on the way....YUMmmmmm!   wait...this really doesn't look right.  bling....the light bulb finally turned on.....our church IS on Manchaca!!!! 

oh boy...what a day. 
Three years at the same church 2-3 times a week & I forgot where it was!!!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing. Made my crazy Friday seem like a peacefulwalk in the park! You will look back on crazy days like these with very fond memories ....I promise you will! Love, Linda.


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