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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Raising JPEG babies

Its late & my mind has found an obstacle to the sleep it so greatly needs....PICTURES!  With 2 little ones & loads of "hurry get the camera" and "hold still... smile... don't grab your brother's head like that he's crying" opportunities  that I wonder what I'm doing with all those amazing shots. 
Facebook?  then what? 
baby album?  that means I actually have to print them
scrapbook?  yeah, right!  who has the time for that?
frame for my "family gallery"?  too costly & which ones do I choose?
our website?
the list goes on and on but where do they end up?  in a file on my computer as a JPEG!  My friend Mary Stone said we could lose an entire generations of JPEGs, filed on our computer somewhere. 

What do you do with yours? 

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