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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Driving to Play

Driving to a "girls night out" fellowship with my church lady friends last night I started singing praise to my Creator and had a great time with God.  Along the way He showed me things about my business, my marriage and my walk with Him.  Words can't describe my joy & peace at this moment.  I showed up to Cafe Monet 10 minutes late and almost sorry I was there because of this amazing time with Him.  Then it was as if He released me to go play, like a child at recess.  And what a great time we all had making our unique pottery...thank you Cafe Monet staff for all your help!!! 
Driving home from my night out I picked up right where I left off with God.  We had the best time together on that drive & He gave me the grace that I needed to finish my nightly responsibilites with my family. 
Story's not over yet....at 1am my 5 month old son woke me up and after 1 hour of prayer in bed I decided God was trying to speak to me.  When God wants to spend time with you there is no time like that moment to drop everything (even if that means precious sleep) to honor Him.  Well He rewarded me richly folks....I read a part of the book a friend asked that I read in order to join in the prayer of agreement on a certain subject, I prayed, I read some more, I cleaned the living room and finally at 5 I felt it was time to go back to bed:)
Sweet Koen woke up at 6:30 and I'm not altogether sure I fell asleep during that time.  Well I'm not surprised that ALL DAY....ALL DAY I had energy, strength and joy!!!  God is so faithful.  If you miss out on sleep to spend time with Him you will be rewarded for sowing that seed of time!  (Now my disclaimer here would share the not so beautiful truth that I don't always obey.  Sometimes I ask Him if we can do it another time.  Not my best foot forward, I tell you.)

On that side note, I sure love getting to know Him more & more each day!

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