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Monday, May 9, 2011

listen....if you can

Prayer is such a hot topic with me right now.  Its not just about praying for praying for things you want, prayer is a dialogue with our Father.  Notice I said "dialogue" not monologue.  Its not meant to be one sided as we so often approach the subject.  The most rewarding prayer time I have is when He speaks to me in such a way that my life is changed, my outlook is changed, my direction or path is changed, or any other facet of my world is changed.  "Cause lets be honest, when God speaks it changes you!   If you're willing and IF you listen.  I guess that means we can't do all the talking and at least for me that's a challenge in and of itself. 

Worship Him. 
Tell Him who He is to you and what He's done for you. 
Share your heart with Him. 
Lay your needs, cares, & concerns at His feet. 
Thank Him for doing all that He's done and ALL that He's doing.
Shhhhh........now Listen.

Psalm 37:3-7

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