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Monday, June 20, 2011

He has given me a gift

Pastor John said something yesterday in service (well lots of noteworthy things really).  He took a quote from someone else but I can't write fast enough to have taken down who was the brilliant mind could've been.  "He gives us a gift to bless others...we need to cultivate those gifts".  A lot of people live their entire life and never realize & cultivate the gift God has placed on the inside of them. That isn't God's best.  God has good things for you if you allow Him to lead you. You know, He loves us SO much that he wants each & every one of us to use those gifts to bless others.  --  So if I don't step into my calling & use the gift he's given me then you may not receive your blessing.  Or He may have to find someone else willing to obey so you can receive that blessing you've been praying for. 

I don't know about you but I want everyone around me blessed, in abundance, to the full, till it overflows into someone else's life.  Then it flows into another person's life, then another and it grows like a downhill snowball growing faster & larger.  Wanna start a snowball blessing?  Start giving!  Give to a neighbor, give to a stranger, your mama, your daddy, the person behind you in line at HEB.  What if you gave the cashier some cash & a gospel tract to hand to the next person in line at checkout?  How would that feel to share Christ with someone who may never see you again?  I'm going extreme here folks.  But isn't that what Jesus did....extreme living! 

ooo, I just got myself all worked up and both boys are down for a nap:) Time to fly through my house in record time: laundry, dishes, floors, bathrooms,and maybe some time for art....anything I can accomplish in an hour:)

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