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Thursday, June 23, 2011

laughing through a lowercase "c"

Pilates mat class. 6 weeks (ok, I missed the first week) of pure bliss for my bottom!  Bev (my instructor/friend) didn't break a sweat and I'm not convinced the other 9 women there did either.  Me, on the other hand, was not only sweating profusely but grunting, moaning, crying a bit & yes, laughing.  I couldn't control it, I just giggled.  The harder the movement was the more I had to fight off outright laughter.  Bev yells "hang in there, Trish" from the front of the class.  Thanks Bev! 
At one point we were doing some "tapping" of our toes; front and back, one leg over the other.  She so perfectly demonstrates how we are to make a "C" with our foot.  My giggles increased as I thought of how my c resembles a lowercase c (at best) in comparison to everyone else's perfectly formed capital C.   And most of these women were mommies of little ones just like me.  Maybe everyone else came out of their "baby bubble" before I did.  (I have some serious catching up to do)

I sure wish there was a guarantee with this class; something like "flatter abs or your money back" kinda thing. 

Only 4 weeks left....maybe my bottom will thank me when this is all over by treating me to Likitty's:)

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