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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

sweet ni-night cuddles

Last night I went into Tiernan's room to kiss him goodnight & he said "hold my hand".  So I stood  there (he has a loft style bed) & held his hand for what seemed like forever.  Then I thought I want him to have sweet memories of our relationship at an early age.  So there I stood.  "Lay your head on my shirt" he says.  Ahhhh.  So I lay my head on his chest.  What an amazing time with my son!  After our goodnight kisses I left his room. 

Dozing into my colorful dreamland I hear T crying & rise to revisit this little wonderful man.  Apparently he just wanted more cuddles so I invited him in our room for our first ever sleepover.  Not sure how we can have a king size bed with only had about .5 inches between my bottom & the end of the bed.  About 20 minutes after he quietly jumps in our bed I thought he might be asleep so I opened my eyes to watch him sleep.  He looked right into my eyes & we just lay there smiling at each other for several sweet moments....then a little giggle, kiss & our last "ni-night".

Miraculously God provided my body with the rest it needed and who needs sleep when you have little boy cuddles?

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