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Sunday, June 26, 2011

the most amazing weekend wedding ever

Congrats to Betsy & Chris Tye!  This weekend was the most amazing wedding adventure on Inks Lake at the Circle H Lodge.  Entire family stayed in this breathtaking lodge and it was just a 2+ day celebration of love & live.  So many memories to recall.  My journal was burning up on the way home just to make sure I remembered some of them.

Last night after the wedding Marc & I layed on the gigantic deck with another couple (Marna & Michael) and watched the stars till after 1am.  We saw 3-5 shooting stars (depending on who you asked) and laughed to the point of pain several times.  One time it was because I was telling them how much God loves us & I turned to them & said "God loves you" and Michael said "this I know" right off his cuff in such a tone that all of us cracked up.  30 minutes later we were laughing about something entirely different but through the tears all I could say was "this I know".  An hour after that "this I know".  Oh, to hang with hysterical people & enjoy God's Creation!  What an awesome God we serve! 

I haven't laughed so hard, so many times & for so long in quite a while.  Laughter is great medicine & I love to medicate often! 

So many more facets of this weekend to share that I'll have to break it up.....that is, if I get to it!

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