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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

90 day Summer of Transformation Challenge

This past Sunday Marc & I took my Aunt Sunday to a new church in Angleton, Trinity Christian Center.  The entire service including worship was tremendously anointed.  They were launching a summer challenge...to transform your life by spending time with God (revive my spirit by spending time in prayer and bible reading), time with others (reconnect my soul through a small group & time with others) and time with me (revive health by loosing weight, eating better and increasing activity)

I'm taking the challenge.  Last weekend I've grown closer to the Lord than any other time in my life.  God spoke to me more times in a day than I could count and faster than I could journal.  My life is taking a HUGE turn & change IS happening right now.  I'm not waiting for anything or anyone.  I'm floating on this cloud of love.  The love of Jesus is more real to me now than ever before...he showered me with it....soaked me in it and "I'm NEVER going back" 

I desire a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him more than I desire ANYTHING else.  He is showing me things through His Spirit that I know He wants me to blog and share but honestly its so much & so deep that even though no one really reads this blog right now I KNOW there are those who will be drawn here to receive what God has for them through this vessel...me.  I'm no more than just that....a vessel to bring the LOVE and GRACE of Christ to others.  This is just the beginning, just a taste of what's to come.  Some days I might have 10 blogs and others just 1 but one thing is clear....God told me to do it & I must obey.  I'll no longer put links on FB to this blog.  If someone finds it then so be it but I can't do it out of my own ability or knowledge....it must be God.  It IS GOD!  He is so amazing....the Binions said it best "I'm overwhelmed by You".  That's me, each day, each moment is new & fresh and I'm so excited for what God is doing in me & through me.  I want everyone I know (and don't know) to jump into this ocean of grace.....to truly KNOW Him and spend time with Him.....to feel His love and know His grace & have His power in every area of their lives.  WOW .....  that's all I can say right now. 

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