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Sunday, June 26, 2011

we renewed our vows this weekend

 Betsy mentioned Friday when we arrived that the entire weekend was inspired by our wedding...what an honor!

Let me give a glimpse into the ceremony:
Ceremony to start at 8.... Koen needed food and since the ceremony hadn't started yet I excused myself into our room for a quick nummy;  Just as I started I get a knock on the door from Chris saying "ceremony to start in 2-3 minutes.....HA!  I quickly started expressing milk into sweet Koko's mouth & after a couple minutes he came up for air.  Ignoring the fact that he wasn't finished I packed 'em up, fixed my dress & ran for the door.  I was the LAST one down to the water  (forgot the camera...poopoo pants).
Marna comes down looking as lovely as she could be and everyone patiently turned to the door awaiting the bride's arrival.  What an entrance she made! As she took your place with her groom Tiernan was quite restless & had no understanding of the importance of the moment.  Then Koen's "bababababa" ensued ....my cue to exit stage left.  It also gave me a great excuse to run & get his paci & my camera (which I spent all afternoon charging for this exact moment which I would have to miss).  Upon returning I stood in the back near the wall so as not to disrupt the ceremony.  Tiernan stopped running in circles around me to tell me in a whisper "I have to go peepee Mama".  OH BOY!  So I turned my back to everyone and with him in front of me I watched the sunset while he relieved himself.....THEN the wonderful news comes that they're allowing all married couples to renew their vows!!!!!  "Tuck it in.....let's GO!" I yell in a hushed tone & make a run for Marc's side.  With Tiernan at my heels & Koko in my arms we renewed our vows to each other through laughter and a bit of Koko spit up on my shoe:) 
Overlooking the lake & the most wonderful sunset God planned just for all of us, we created such a great memory I will always cherish ....Thanks Betsy & Chris~

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