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Friday, June 17, 2011

my new do: outward manifestation of what God is doing on the inside

Wow...long story.  1st hairdresser I had when I bought a house in Buda (before I moved from Cozumel) was Vanessa Clay.  Loved her but when she left the salon I chose to stay with the salon instead of following her.  Maybe if I would've asked God in the first place He would've said "STAY"!
So I started praying for my hairdresser years ago...that I would find the right one for my hair & my personality (so I can enjoy the 2 hours in her chair).  Last week my "hair envelope" was funded (Dave Ramsey made over my finances...Praise God) so I could schedule a hair appointment.  God told me not to schedule it till next week (this past Monday).  So Monday finally comes & I start asking God for my hairdresser again...."okay God, you said...." kinda thing.  You know what I mean, right? He said very clearly "book your hair appointment tomorrow".  He also showed me many things about my hair....I've always wanted good, healthy long hair with the potential of cutting for Locks of Love.  Since I can remember.  But when I was in college I had it all cut off.  Anyway, God showed me how He was giving me that desire even though I never prayed for it.  That'll send your mind reeling....He cares so much for me that He grants me the desires of my heart.
check out Psalm 37:3-7...amazing to meditate on that one!

Back to hair: Tuesday I reminded God that I had to book my appointment that day & asked who I was  supposed to call.  Finally at 4:30pm Marc turns to me & says what about the owner of V Clay Salon?  Totally totally totally....I called her that second!  What do you know....she's booked.  Said I could come Monday.  Ha, I told her it would work out & when she had a cancellation to call me.  She called Weds to say Friday was open....TODAY!  Yes, you know it....I have a NEW DO!!!  And I love it ....any lady knows the frustration of good hair cut followed by a bad one just starts the "stylist shopping spree" that lasts 4 years.  I'm over it & He answered my prayer just in time....guess what?  It's because I had unwavering faith...I recall something I read in Stand in the Gap by Norvel Hayes.....he was praying for his daughter & God told him he couldn't get it done on his faith because it was wavering.  Well....my faith is wavering no longer.  I am building my faith right now....reading the Word, praying, worshipping my Creator!  He is so Worthy! 

Not much else to share but I will be praying for my new friend Vanessa (who is amazing by the way).....check her out

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