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Thursday, July 28, 2011

a new train... the favor of God

Tonight as I was laying with Tiernan gazing in his eyes he said "I'm not happy, I'm very sad."  To my dismay he was sad because "I don't have a tree."  I removed the huge fabric tree from his walls & ceiling.  To understand this you I must tell you that for nearly a week every day when asked any question, even "why did you hit your brother?" he would answer "because I don't like my tree & my bed".  After asking him repeatedly "do you like your tree?", "do you want me to take it down?"  he repeatedly said "no", "yes" respectively.  So he & I spent one morning tearing down brown fabric bark & brightly colored leaves of all sizes.  Wait, not only did I remove all vestige of fabric I also had to paint his entire ceiling because glue + fabric = dark mess on white ceiling.  So back to my story:  I asked him what he wanted on his wall next & after explaining there was no way I was doing another tree I suggested dinosaurs, then trains.  Trains it is!  He loved the idea so much he asked in a whisper "can we go tell Daddy?".  Of course we quietly & stealthily got down off his 4 ft high bed to find Daddy & share the most glorious news...."I get a train on my walls".  Adorable!!!

Completely off subject (but then again aren't I always); I just renamed my blog from The Grey Pear to F.O.G. blog for one reason only....God's Favor on my life has been increasing more & more & more.  When I look back to see what's changed I'm reminded of our church's Appreciation Banquet Marc & I attended in January where I had a conversation with 2 ladies about wanting more of God.  Last December Marc & I decided to start John Bevere's Drawing Near series.  They were so excited & asked if we could all do it together.....we were clearly hungry for more of Him.  So we started the series a couple weeks later.  Four weeks into this "small group" our drawing near turned into a small prayer group and still going strong.  This commitment and the daily striving to know Him and to hear from Him is beginning to produce fruit.  When Marc came home tonight we discussed some things that are happening in his business and all I could see was the favor...in a big way. As tithers we know the floodgates of heaven are opening and pouring out a blessing so great we can't even contain it according to Malachi 3.

We're only going to see greater & greater miracles happen around us.  I know people need prayer & we are here for just that.  The thought of what God is doing is way over my head right now but occasionally He'll open my eyes a bit to see something I didn't see before.  Maybe that's when I should blog or journal.  Journal is my sure-fire way of keeping my mouth shut about certain things I'm not to share.  Other times I just need to put pen to paper & sit in a cozy chair.....office chair =no= cozy

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