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Saturday, July 30, 2011

scentsy sensation

Can you believe its already after midnight & I haven't even begun my nighttime routine.  wash face, brush teeth, cat inside, coffee prep (ooo, already did that one), blow out candles, get water...then bed.  In bed by 1? hopefully
God showed Marc & I some amazing things today about where our business is headed....more to come on that very soon.  All I can say is that its bigger than anything I could've hoped for or imagined.

Today I was reminded just how great it feels to obey God & minister His love to someone.  For the first time in a really long time I walked completely in God's will for my life in every moment today.  WOW!  Major strides for me. 

So, one of the facets God showed us, just for a sneak peak, is that we're to distribute Scentsy products.  Hoping for our "launch party" to happen SOON...find out tomorrow if it'll work.  Can you believe?  Me....selling anything?!?  Well I can guarantee you one thing....scentsy parties never looked so good:)

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