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Friday, July 1, 2011

Serving, winning, increasing.....going higher in the things of God!!!!

You 're needed here but your heart is there.  what do you do? you serve where you're needed.  I'm so blessed to give & serve in any & every capacity God wants me to give & serve.  He is doing a major work in me.  In several areas of my life.  I've now created a "Personal Win Accountability" spreadsheet where I have to give an account daily for which areas of my life I've actively steered my energy toward.  A "win" for me is to have several areas checked off in order to have had a well rounded day.  I have spiritual, marriage, kids, the grey pear business, me time, physical, church, household, fellowship & giving.  I actually took the idea from one of Pastor John's messages.  He said each ministry needs to define a "win" for that area of ministry and for us to celebrate the "wins".
I'm believing for a joy overflow, peace overflow, prosperity, anointing, giving, and overall INCREASE in our lives.  In the lives of the faithful ones in our church, in His church worldwide.  Outpouring of The BLESSING, as Kenneth Copeland would say. 

He is so good & He has a GOOD plan for Marc & me.  Plans to prosper us, heal us & give us a bright future.

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