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Saturday, July 23, 2011

rise n shine; give God glory

Houston-bound at 8am. 
Friends watching house & cat.

OK, I have SO much to do in the morning, especially since I must have the house totally picked up (I would say "clean" but the chances of me cleaning my floors are nil), all trash taken out, hair did as well as pack the entire family & car (don't forget the ice chest) before we leave.

wake up at 5 for prayer. 

In my perfect world I would wake up NO earlier than 7:30 then have 2 hours of prayer.  Might have to wait till the kids have moved out but I'm holding out hope that I'll create a scheduled world where I stay up till 1 every morning & still maintain energy & spunk to keep up with my little ones & run both businesses as well as support my stellar husband.  For now the sweet sound of "Never Going Back" by the Binions starts at 5am, stretching in bed while giving God thanks for all He's done for me & marveling at Who He is for at least 30 minutes before actually moving from the bed.  Water on the night stand ready for a big guzzle then hunting down my only coffee for the day.  Hope its good this time. 

Did I even set the coffee for tomorrow?  NO!  Oh poo....too tired now at 12:30am. 

Maybe I'll change the clock to 5:30!

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