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Monday, July 11, 2011

email to a friend about shopping

Tonight I sat to write a quick email to a friend about shopping for clothes.  This is just a little exerpt from that email:  Can you believe I now leave email messages that sound just like my 22 minute long phone messages (sorry Melissa).  Sometimes I even have to call back a few times to continue the message I was trying to leave until the voicemail service had to cut me off....the nerve!  To my many fans......lets shop!
What are your favorite brands?  Someone once (before Christ in my life) called me a "brand whore" and as awful as that sounds I think its a bit true (in a good way).  I have always loved that excellent brands grace the hangers in my closet.  (25lbs to go until I'm back to shopping--"deals find me everywhere I go in the name of Jesus")  My God is more than enough to supply ALL my needs.  He desires me to dress well….think of Solomon, yet God said that he wasn’t dressed nearly as well as the lilies in the field where are here today & gone tomorrow…..then He goes on to say that God loves us even more that those beautiful lilies in the field….so how much more does He want me to have beautiful things & honor Him with the way I look.   My Pastor’s wife looked so amazing this past Sunday!  I love her new style….classy, polished, modern, and hip.  She said she really loves White House/Black Market.  Well that used to be one of my favorite stores to shop.  I WILL be shopping there again friends….oh yes I will!  I also really like BCBG, Banana Republic, Express (for pants), Nordstrom’s, Victoria’s Secret, Saks, and the list goes on and on and on.  That Kate Spade diaper bag that was amazing!!!!  And it would work so wonderfully as my carry on for traveling the world with my family.  Would love to say I have it all planned out but one thing is for certain: I will go where God tells me to go & by the Grace of God & the help of the Holy Ghost I will do what He says to do.  Big things!  Big things! 

Oh, back to the email I sent to a friend a few minutes ago:

Here's the other side of that comment and this is really where my heart is:  I want NOTHING outside of God's will for my life....that applies to everything for me & I'm learning how to make that truth bigger than anything else I know.  That being said, please do not give ...to me or anyone else....unless the Holy Spirit says so:)  that wasn't correction....just a little taste of what I tell myself.  I love giving so I'm inclined to give anytime to anyone & sometimes I don't ask God first.  I've missed it several times & should've sown somewhere else.  Anyway....how much fun it'll be to give away my first car:)  wooohooo!!!!  I'm about to get up & dance right now!  Oh, wait....don't wanna wake Marc up! 
I'm so stirred up with the Word of God...the POWER & authority I have as a believer is working right now in the realm of the Spirit to cause my situation to change in the name of Jesus.  Our lives are about to get a whole lot more fun!  Grace, adventure, power, love, victory, healing, joy unspeakable, and all that other GOOD stuff!

I feel as if I'm just sitting here having a chat with you.  funny thing, technology...I can sit here & pour my heart out to you...my  friend....and I can edit (which I mistakenly rarely do)....I can leave, eat some frozen custard (who said I can't lose weight with a frozen custard treat at midnight), come back & continue my thoughts on an entirely different level or subject and you'll never feel a pause as you read this seemingly endless email.  All this just to say, yes.....lets shop! 

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