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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lighting n Adventure

Lightning speed, blink of your eye, glimpse into the sweet funk of Wimberley starts off with a deep conversation over kids & outdoor activities.  Ro & I are big into the outdoors but I noticed I’ve not been as horse or hiking active as I used to be before my 2 little blessings came into my life.  So I start asking her how having 2 kids affects her outdoor experience.
This is just a small taste as we drive home from a day with the horses & kiddos (Ro & I share similar passions as you’ll hear).  I apologize in advance as I would’ve had MUCH more footage had my memory tank not given out on me (yet again)....when, I ask, will I finally invest in more memory?????
The charm of the sweet little Texas river town goes beyond words....though here I try to shape some just for you. 
Antiques, high end fashion, décor, bath products, one of a kind gifts, art and the list goes on and on. So basically, if you’re looking for a funky addition to any décor and/or wardrobe you’re in the right place.  The adorable boutiques sprawling through downtown Wimberley and along the river will keep you busy for hours if not days.  Grab a coffee, take a stroll.  Bring your lunch or pop into a local café.  Artists and entrepreneurs make Wimberley their home where peace and joy and unique flair abound. 

 The store I tried to share with you is Star Antiques.  My battery ran out (go figure) as I was traipsing through her garden so I didn’t even get any footage inside the shop but I guarantee her website doesn’t do her justice.  They sell loads of fun, one of a kind items and specialize in vintage lighting.  Since vintage anything usually catches my eye and good lighting is one of the best investments you can make into your home...the pair is perfect.  I just might make a special trip back just to get it on film for you but I can guarantee my next client willing to launch outside the big box retailer world will have a story to tell with their new lighting acquisition. 
Twistie Tie: 
If you have kids you must introduce them to your world of activities and fun at a young age so they can share your sense of adventure.  On the same note they pick up more than you think they do .....attitudes, tone of voice, your habits, etc.  God has been majorly dealing with me about my attitude/frustration....so I’m bringing that to you.  Let’s all check our hearts before we expect our kiddos to check their hearts & attitudes.  They will mirror what they see you do so make sure you’re a GOOD example for them.  WOW.....I’m learning that first hand RIGHT NOW!!!! 
The one thing I’m grateful for ...His unconditional, faithful, never-ending, POWERFUL LOVE.  When I mess up I can ask His forgiveness & know I have it.  I then have to ask my son to forgive me...and the sweet thing is...he doesJ  What a great opportunity we have to shape our little ones and draw them closer to the Father...who LOVES us all sooooooooo much! 

Love n cuddles.....and Happy Happy Resurrection Day to all of you amazing folks out there!!!! 

Oh and please remember to teach your little ones that Easter is NOT about candy, hunting eggs and a cuddly bunny (although all that can be super fun)....it’s about the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  It’s ALL about HIM...and His love for you...and those little ones....please tell ‘em!

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