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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

party details---need unique vendors!

I want to bless YOU...or someone you know!  That is, if you or a friend creates something or sell something that's unique or interesting.  I want some "vendors" (for lack of a better word) although that terms give a certain tradeshow feeling, for my big party coming up October 22nd.  I have 4-6 now (working out details with 2) but would like 10-15 at the party.  So that leaves YOU!  Do you know anyone?  You know who she is...she has a passion for making something, collecting something, reselling something, buying something or just something. 

I will warn you in advance that I'm being a little bit selective only because I don't want to have a craft fair and I also want to have people that are lovely, passionate, kind & easy to work with.  I want this to be a peaceful evening for ALL involved. 

I want my guests to have a great assortment of things to choose from but NOT feel any pressure to buy anything from anyone.  If they leave empty handed & just came to enjoy the party then that's totally fine with me.  I just want everyone totally & completely blessed & if that means going home with a few amazing gifts they can pass on to family & friends then everyone wins. 

I can tell you this....the right people will be there...guests & vendors alike.  So if you know someone who wants blessings in their life then please forward this blog entry to them & let them decide. 

God's blessings on all of you & have a good rest tonight!  Oohhh....I LOVE what I do!

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