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Friday, July 13, 2012

abundant RAIN blessings

praying for provision....abundance....rain
When you dig into the word of God to see what He says about your situation this is what can happen.

one of our plants soaking some rain
Without going into detail about what I'm believing God for I'll tell you this cute little story.

3 days ago (give or take) we were sitting out on our back porch when we noticed the dark sky looming a ways off.   Then we felt the wind pick up and saw clouds move closer.  In the distance you could hear the rolling thunder while that glorious smell of rain overtook our senses.  It was just that....glorious. Later, we stood on our front porch as the rain was pouring down (only because he won't let me dance in the yard if there's lightning).  Turning to my Honey I declared "this is it!"  This is our breakthrough.  Did you know "rain" in some definitions means abundant blessings flowing down from above.  Well it rained for 3 days (or at least if felt like it) and I am now ready to receive the abundance God has for me.

The other half of the story is that I'm working my faith on a small level so I can build my faith for the bigger things God wants to do.  Does this make any sense?  I hope so because I'd love for someone out there to start believing in the powerful God that created EVERYTHING with His words and FAITH.

So I was believing God for a pot to plant my avocado seedling in...for about a week I've been telling Marc that God was going to provide me a pot.   You might ask "why don't you just go out and buy one or borrow one?"  That makes sense in my head too, but God always has a better way of doing things if we'll just believe.  Do you believe?

Somewhere around 3 days ago we were led to this place by a friend---a HUGE blessing of abundance of the kind of "junk" we LOVE!  Wearing my Arait riding boots I trudged through the scratchy underbrush atop petrified wood breaking under my every step to find the graveyard for hundreds of garden pots.    HELLO!!!!  Did you get that?  I asked Him for A POT....He gave me about 40:)

What an awesome God, right!!??!! Well be encouraged....believe God for your "pot".  This is just the beginning of my faith walk and I'm so ready to step out in faith for the things I need to see change in my life.  If I fall, I get back up...He loves & He forgives.

Oh, as if this isn't enough, the party planning & creating is going fabulous.
home tour of an awesome house available today to buy!
shop local boutiques throughout the house
nail treatment
eyebrow shaping

Plus I have a special gift for all our sponsors that are making this event amazing!  Sewing them right now:)  All this and still I have absolutely NO STRESS, because I'm finally relying on God & not my own ideas or ways of doing things.  FUN stuff, I tell ya!

Ni-night friends....love you all!

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