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Thursday, July 5, 2012

recreating an heirloom

How was your 4th of July celebration?  We had a grand time at my friend's pool party...what a great group of friends we're blessed with!  I failed to take my camera, or even my purse, along for the ride so I'm going to post about something quite random.

Nearly 10 months ago my Aunt Sunday asked me to
transform 2 gorgeous frames into something fresh & beautiful for her bedroom.  She gave me absolutely no direction and total freedom, with a sweet "I love everything you do" and sent me on my way.   She acquired them from my Grandma Barb's collection and when I rescued them from sadness & dust it was evident the crusty plastic flowers hovering over faded green velvet had seen better days.

The first thing I did when I got them home was toss every bit of nasty velvet & flowers into the trash.  Only to dive in after them & save as many flowers as I could...knowing (nearly too late) that I'd reuse them.  (you could call that dumpster diving I guess) Several months of storing these fragile heirlooms in my garage had me a bit discouraged.  I mean, how hard could it be, right?

FINALLY a "suddenly moment" occurred.  I picked up these dusty old frames with fresh inspiration.  I was gonna make something great & I just knew it!   Old maps seemed to be the obvious choice so I made a dash for my pile in the corner donated by my dear daddy-o.   Doesn't matter what you think of me so I'll let it all out...I had to pray!  I knew I'd mess this up if I didn't ask God for His help.  I reached in the very center & drew out a map.  Iowa then unfolded before me--the state where Barb & all the rest of the family is from.  That may seem like no biggie to you but there were at least 15-20 maps in the pile.   BIG SMILE here:)  God is so cool!
Tipton, Iowa
 So the second my cousin Natalie walked through the door for her 2 week long visit from Dallas I put her to work.   Despite the fact that my vision for the end result changed about six times we only spent a couple days from start to finish.
forgot to take before pictures so this was right after I painted 

 What do you make of it?   I, personally, love them.  I wrapped 'em up for Christmas and since I know she doesn't read this blog the secret is safe.  Shhhh.


  1. AWEmazing!!! Love them!


  2. I loved making these with you!!!! i keep up on your blogs and they are fantastic!!! I wish I could have gone black friday shopping with you it looked really fun!!! LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!!!!!!!!

    Love always,


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