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Monday, July 2, 2012

confidence vs. pride

A conversation I had with someone Friday rocked me to the core.

This dear, loving person said (in a roundabout way) that I come across as "pretty full of myself most of the time".  OUCHIE!!!  Who wants to hear that?  

After this heart wrenching conversation I took a step back. My initial reaction to this was "how ridiculous", if this person only knew! I think we all at one point or another battle the feelings of inadequacy.  I'm no different.  In fact I've been extremely hard on myself all throughout my life.  "that wasn't good enough"  how could you mess up so badly?" "can you ever get it right?" I even sang that song "nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms" when I was a little girl.  HA!    A not-so-funny fact: I attempted suicide as a teenager because I was not allowed to blossom into who God called me to be, which in turn gave me a dramatically LOW self-image.

never judge someone by what they seem to be on the outside.
you never know what they're experiencing or dealing with on the inside so try LOVING them.

Going into the next phase of my life I MUST have a renewed sense of confidence.  Not in ME, you understand.  In HIM....as the woman He’s made me to be.  He doesn't make mistakes folks.  He made me to do what I'm doing & I have to trust HIM to do what He said He will do. 

I encourage you to be who God has called YOU to be...nothing more, nothing less.  There is a distinct difference between having confidence in who you are & having a prideful heart.  

BE CONFIDENT in who YOU are and don’t compare yourself to Jo Schmo on TV, your neighbor down the street, the pretty lady on the cover of the magazine or the guy on the stage...
No one else can beat you at that game.  

LIVE DECORATED in your own special YOU way.

 That being said:  

... to all the friends I’ve hurt by pride or selfishness.  I’m trying to keep my eyes off the one in the mirror and set my sights on the One who gave me life.  I am nothing if not for the blood of Jesus shed for me...FOR US...for healing, forgiveness, peace, joy and prosperity!  Please forgive me & receive me just as I am...imperfectly lovable:)

Thanks for listening...I feel a lot better after getting this all out.  

Moving forward:
This week holds many goodies for you.  Tomorrow Kim, my college roommate, who remains one of my best friends, will be my guest author so be sure to come back for that--really good stuff. 

Then Wednesday I'll be telling some stories...adventurous life stories with a twist and a VIDEO....yay...the crowd goes wild:)  

ni-night friends from around the world.

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  1. Hi you! So, this is my first time visiting your blog and I'm lovin this one...this is the only one I've read so far so I'm sure I'll love the rest :) YOU GO, GIRL! Love ya!


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