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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Preparing for Saturday's OPEN HOUSE...please join us:)

Excuse my absence yesterday and my short n sweet post here now.  If you read the last post about the party we're preparing for on Saturday then you understand.
a frame my Honey made -- I embellished an old picture of a horse from an encyclopedia to show it off--- for sale Saturday

I'd love to figure out a way to get a million
things done in a day & bring you along for the ride.  I mean to tell you this life is an all out adventure.  One way I make my life look & feel like an adventure on boring or super busy days:  I resort (more than usual these days) to singing off the cuff songs at random times throughout my day to bring joy or little giggle to those around me.  Today was exceptionally musical and my cousin Natalie could testify to that.  I also made up a couple dances to compliment the songs....makes me question my "need" for a camera crew ....who needs to witness that kind of behavior, really? 

So tomorrow we have loads to finish, including the door prize I'll be giving from The Grey Pear (our little garage boutique of art, furniture and accessories), a little something special we're making for all of our vendors, "pick" some old land & shed one more time for some more pots & a huge chalkboard (which I plan on using as a giant directory for the party).  We have some wonderful sponsors for the party as well as unique vendors/stores and yummy treats for your tummy and even a photobooth so to speak with hats & a gorgeous settee.

I know we'll have a great turnout so if you've always wanted to see our creations (some at least) in person hop on over to the Champagne Shopping Extravaganza OPEN HOUSE.  See THIS POST for details (comment section).

Be blessed & forgive me for not sharing more....I NEED more than 3 hours of sleep tonight and that's all I can say about that:)  Ni-night.

Oh, one more little thing....I'll really try to get the footage from our "picking" adventure to share with you soon....what FUN!!!!  OK, go do something productive:)

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