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Saturday, July 7, 2012

stand tall & don't worry

something I made last year that I never shared...until now.  Philippians4:6-7 says it all!!!! 
 My defense mechanism when I’m going through something is to pull away, run away & retreat.   Run away mode has been in full effect so I’m here to apologize.   For me running away has always
been easier than dealing with an issue so now is my chance to STAND FIRM & pray!   I’m exercising my faith in a big way & I don’t want anyone’s voice in my head, namely mine!   I will not be moved or distracted from the goodness God has for me.  In the midst of my trials my God is with me; strengthening me with the promises in His word & wrapping His loving arms around me.   I know He’ll do the same for you no matter what you face today, tomorrow and next year.  He is faithful!!! 
don't you worry about it....cast ALL your cares on Him...He cares for YOU!
When my circumstances seem dark & large I like to renew my faith with the word of God, prayer and revisiting past miracles by thanking God what He’s already done for me.  Can I tell you a few stories that have encouraged me the past few days?  Good!  Read on. No way I could’ve scripted this life of mine any better or taken the credit for any of it! 
His provision & guidance
When I fully trusted God with everything He always met me where my faith was....always!

1.      A divine appointment in Tampa, FL launched me into the modeling industry of all places.  That sure was a perfect fit into my life of travel & adventure (some back stories HERE and HERE and HERE). I had NO clue what I was doing to start out--much like ALL my other jobs.  I had to hold open calls & all day long orientations of a subject I knew NOTHING about at the start.  (This is where I fell in love with the audience, a mic & the stage.) My first open call after training was on Wall Street.  HA!  I fell flat on my face in a BIG way!  Worst presentation ever....I mean BAD!!!  After giving it all to God and pouring myself into this job I ended up being one of the top trainers in the company. I say that without an ounce of pride because He gave me the confidence I needed and the ability to succeed!!!!  

2.     Then there was the time in Miami where I was unemployed for SIX months.  
When I was trying to figure out how to pay rent I was hired as a bartender for an open bar private party on a 160 ft. yacht (give or take).   At the time I had a lot of friends with yachts (totally a GOD thing) so I spent a good share of time floating up and down the Intercostal, but never in my life have I been behind a bar or heard of half the drinks these high society folks were ordering.  I went from ducking behind the bar to scan the “bartender for dummies” book...to just telling them that drink was unavailable....to finally asking them what was in it:)  “6-deep” had new meaning to me after looking up to see the crowd gathered around me.  If it weren’t for my ability to make a total fool of myself I would’ve been toast!  Long story ends with lots of money = rent paid!!!  Now don’t misunderstand me here...I’m NOT saying God will give you a job as a bartender!  It was one night & I felt total peace about it.  You have to go where God leads you & don’t use my stories or anyone else’s to dictate what’s right or wrong for you.  Follow GOD!!!!

3.     Then a charter yacht needed a Chief Stew.  Not a clue what the position entailed! I was hired!  My girlfriend stayed up till 3am (when I had to leave for the dock) teaching me the proper way to make a bed, fold towels, napkins and even toilet paper, placement of silverware, table d├ęcor tips and every other little detail to equip me for this fancy pants yacht... serving people who are used to a certain quality of service...no pressure!  Can you see God at work here?  ONE month in the Bahamas....I mean-HELLO!!!   I stepped on that yacht with confidence...I was gonna make it & be the best I could be...even if this was my first time! 
What a memorable and sleepless 4 weeks!

After my chores were finished all I had to do was entertain the guests by taking them wake boarding, jet skiing, island hopping, fishing, snorkeling...anything they wanted to do.  FUN was my middle name so I usually ended up making good friends with the guests, who were all lovely & down to earth. Again, thank You God!!!

4.     Then, the icing on the cake.... I interviewed for a position onboard cruise ships selling fine art.  I mean, really!  First of all, I had never been onboard a cruise ship in my life and several times even said “I would NEVER go on a cruise! I hate the idea of being herded like cattle ”  HA!  Never tell God never!  Secondly,  I knew exactly NOTHING about art.  I had heard of Picasso & Van Gogh but I couldn’t remember which one had the ear story, nor did I care:) 
But God knew better. After meeting with the big man in charge & hearing “NO, you’re not a right fit for the job” for the first time in my life I was taken aback.  I sat up tall in my chair and said “you’re making a big mistake if you let me walk out that door without giving me that jobI’m going to be great at this job”  Here’s another piece to the puzzle...they weren’t even hiring for the position!!!!  God will make a job for you where there is none available!  Nothing is impossible with Him....NOTHING!  I worked as an Art Auctioneer for nearly 3 years.  I can now see the hand of God so clearly! 
During that time at sea I was able to meet some great artists and see some beautiful works of art.  I actually found myself wishing I were an artist:) 

5.     Another God moment....when I had my hand a bit in the modeling world (never made it big obviously) a friend recommended me for a fashion show. She then broke it down for me...”Oh, I forgot to mention, it’s a swimsuit show.”  HA!!! I laughed so hard. “Seriously??  ME!!!???!!!!”   After my super model friend (with a body like Barbie) talked me into meeting with the agent..... I was hired...WHAT!?!?!  Yes!  Two years in a row actually!  Perfect excuse for missing the high school reunion...”I have a fashion show that weekend, sorry I can’t make it.” 

Now I hope my stories didn’t bore you or make you decide to never return to my blog...in fact if ANYTHING I said ministered to you maybe you could share it with a friend because what if they need a little encouragement through a trial.   I’m not saying I’m through it by any means...I’m walking it out by faith but rather than hiding from you I thought I’d take you along for the ride.  Sorry, I can’t give details now but if you feel led to pray for me then great...I really appreciate prayers for VICTORY & BREAKTHROUGH!
My prayer for you, my friend:  I pray you will be like a tree firmly planed by the water whose leaf never withers in the year of drought and who always produces fruit. (Psalm 1) and I pray God will guide you along the best pathway for your life....that He will advise you & watch over you. (Proverbs 32:8).  Be blessed & happy weekend.  We’ll talk Monday.  

Oh and here's the video of the week I was supposed to have to you by Wednesday...oops:)  

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