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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Freedom & Independence Day!!!

I had this big long post ready for tonight but I scrapped it for this. (you realize I type these up the night (or early morning) before I post at 8am:) 

In celebration of the 4th of July my cousin, Natalie, (who’s in town for a couple weeks) and I decided to make some special cupcakes for the pool party we’re attending tomorrow.  We signed up to bring watermelon but to be quite honest we spent most of the evening devouring one of the 2 we bought for the occasion. 


at 7pm Plan B was in full force.

We made simple chocolate mini-cupcakes with vanilla icingboring, right!  For added pizazz we topped them off with sliced strawberries & a blue berry.  

Admitting this to you is a bit tough...I use box mixes sometimes.  We decided to cheat a bit since it was a bit late when we started and the grocery store
was involved in the equation....there was clearly no time for a full on baking project.  The fact that you can't pronounce all the ingredients isn't my favorite thing ever.

Mini tip
The reason I always make the mini cupcakes as opposed to regular or even a cake is because I LOVE the ease & guiltlessness (word check doesn't acknowledge this as a word but I'm using it anyway) of bite sized anythingunless you eat NINE like I did tonight!!!!  Oh boy.

cupcake tip
get a ketchup squirting container to pour the batter into the cupcake papers...brilliant.  Here is the link to the lady on Pinterest who so generously shared this idea. 
come to find out several people have this idea posted....hmmm....can't give them ALL credit, we'd be here all night.

Sharing tip
Always give credit where credit is due. Now I’m not in any way saying I’m perfect so if I mess up....please forgive & feel free to gently call me out on it.  Ideas are to be shared the right way so if you ever share my pictures or ideas please give me some loving credit:)  Thanks.

Back to the cupcakes
What do you think?  Would you make our cupcakes?  Would you tell anyone they were from a box?  After a LOT of them traveled to my belly I’d say you can absolutely tell...but OH SO yummy...who really cares?  NOT me!!!

Happy 4th of July

The Flight of Freedom is sweetened by The Fruity, Chocolate Delight of Independence
celebrate the freedom and independence we have!!!


  1. Box... scratch... who cares? It's the thought that counts and I'll bet every last one will be eaten with a smile of appreciation. Thanks for being YOU and for sharing your heart, tips and life. We are blessed!

  2. Plus that phenomenal husband who supports and uplifts you as you do him, allowing each other to prosper and love greatly. Exemplifying "live decorated".
    Thank you Trish and Kim for sharing.


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