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Monday, July 9, 2012

Order & Balance...get some

As I observe my world speeding up quite a bit I almost feel as if I’ve been lazy the past couple of months...hmmm....how can that be?  I only thought I was busy before but now the real work lies ahead.  That leads me to my newest project as well as the one thing I've never really mastered

Time Management 

I encourage you to plan out your week before
it starts to make sure and accomplish everything without adding stressful last minute scrambling....HELLO me!!!  No one could possibly benefit from this advice more than me, as you well know.  My weekly to-do list keeps getting longer but I feel that if I have it all written down I’ll be able to fit it in and still put my kids before my business & life’s demands. 

Life should be in this order....God, husband, kids, work & ministry.  

So 4 days ago I decided that regardless of what time I get to bed I will meet God every morning at 6am.  The past 3 days have been amazing...even with only a few hours of sleep.  (in the future I'm shooting to be in bed no later than 1am....that'll be a stretch).

If only there were a SuperMom Daily Vitamin that gave me flying abilities and super yoga flexibility.  
I’ll have to settle for coffee.

In keeping with my Time Management lesson I found a clock at a thrift store this weekend for $1.50 then gave it new life.   Since tackling a new project is exhilarating for me in the future I promise to pause the hustle and start by taking before pictures.  For now you’ll have to settle for what I have.  
water based anything is much better on my brushes & cleanup life

the clock already has the first layer of stain--you can see what it looked like before by checking out the frame in the background.

here we go...not sure at this point where I'm going

after about 6 attempts on the "decorated" part I finally like it...done!@

I have to ask....what do you think?  strange factoid for you: I have a fascination for clocks & still not even one hangs on my walls...

I have such a strong conviction to get my life in order & balanced on a flexible schedule.  I've never been on a strict structure of any kind or in a rigid habit of any sort so this is all new but it MUST happen in order for me to go to the next level....into the bigger & better things that God has planned.

Have an amazing week & be sure to come back to the blog for more art projects & tips throughout the week.  

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